Technology, robots battles, and pop culture references: NASA engineers again hold a contest for the most original pumpkin

What can you think of for Halloween, if your job is to build satellites and rovers.

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Each year, the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California hosts a competition for the most original pumpkin among employees. Engineers who create and maintain satellites and rovers (for example, Curiosity and Opportunity) are grouped together and are preparing their Halloween projects.

In 2018, the seventh such exhibition from NASA will be held. “I don’t think the management expected everyone to take the competition so seriously. They make pumpkins all their free time, spending their own resources, ” said engineer Mike Meacham after the first contest. In 2017, he designed a flying pumpkin with his colleagues.

At the 2018 exhibition, engineers again added technology to traditional Halloween entertainment. For example, one team turned pumpkins into robots and arranged a battle between them. Other NASA employees focused on pop culture, making a reference to the film “Alien” by Steven Spielberg.

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