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Photo: Flooding in Venice

Because of the effects of the storm, six people died. Three-quarters of the city flooded.

Couple on the Piazza San Marco. Photo Reuters.

In six regions of Italy , a “red” level of danger was announced due to the consequences of heavy torrential rains, which took place on October 28-29.

Gusts of wind, which in some regions reached 130 kilometers per hour, threw thousands of trees. According to local media, at least nine people died, dozens were injured, some went missing.

Most of the consequences of the storm affected Venice. Although the seasonal rise of water in the lagoon occurs annually, in 2018 it turned out to be anomalous. The city was flooded by 75-77%, and the water level reached 156-160 centimeters above sea level. Record level recorded in November 1966 – then the water rose to 194 centimeters.

Because of the flood , 6 people died, and three-quarters of the city flooded.

A homemade bridge on the main promenade of Venice – Riva degli Schiavoni. AFP Photo
Water from the store is drained through the pump. Getty Images Photos
The owner of the restaurant during the flood. Getty Images Photos
Tourists with luggage. Getty Images Photos
Getty Images Photos


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