College of Law in India to prepare a special Harry Potter course

The course will link the fantasy world and the situation in the country

The National University of Science in Calcutta will give lessons on the legal principles of the Harry Potter universe. Students are already preparing that from December they will begin to study the situation with the slavery of domestic elves, discrimination against werewolves and the conditions of detention in Azkaban prison.

The course is called “The relationship between science fiction and jurisprudence on the example of the Harry Potter universe” and is the work of Shuvik Kumar, who will lead the discipline. According to the professor, of those who submit an application, it is expected “that they have read all the books at least twice.”

The lesson schedule includes studies on “unforgivable spells,” such as torture and murder. Students will also consider the bureaucracy using the example of the Ministry of Magic, the work of the economy based on the Gringotts Bank, and devote time to studying the Quidditch rules and analyzing the death of Sirius Black, the godfather of Harry Potter.

The course is designed to encourage students to be critical of social problems in India, as well as discrimination, torture and enslavement, which continue to affect various parts of the country.

Another point to be discussed is the coexistence of the Indian Hindu majority with other ethnic and religious minorities, as well as the existence of witches from a book among muggles (people who do not have magical powers).

In India, we live in a different political situation. I have my own political inclinations, but it would be inappropriate to use them in a class. Therefore, I use something in which students will not have preliminary judgments. In real life, there are some things that some perceive as discrimination and others do not.
Discipline will be studied from different angles, because creatures like elves, centaurs and giants are marginalized in society, and like the Daily Prophet newspaper becomes a propaganda mechanism. Therefore, when students find similar scenarios in the real world, they can help them think a little.

Shuvika Kumar
Head of the discipline

At the end of the course, students will have to prepare an essay on their chosen topic and arrange a short presentation of this essay.
This is not the first attempt to introduce the world of Harry Potter in the educational process. A similar course already exists in one of the universities of São Paulo.

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