“Avatar” refused the font “Papyrus” on the logo of the sequels. He was mocked by viewers, designers and Ryan Gosling

The highest-grossing film lived for nine years with a font that many were fed up with.

Avatar logo introduced in 2016 (left) and new version (right)

The official logo of the sequels of the film Avatar, directed by James Cameron, no longer contains the standard Papyrus font. The creators of the franchise have not yet explained their decision, but they changed the font after criticism, which had not subsided since the first part was released.

According to the editors of Fast Company, the change in font on the Avatar logo suggests that the sequels will be very different from the first film of the franchise. However, the details of the sequel are still unknown. Joking The Verge suggestedthat Cameron finally had a separate budget for the graphic designer.

The fact is that Papyrus is a popular free font preinstalled in kits on all modern computers. It imitates an ancient text written (unexpectedly now) on papyrus.

The font is so often and out of place used in graphic design and advertising, that for many it causes rejection. The media even calls “Papyrus” the second most hated font after Comic Sans. “People are tired of seeing Papyrus on captcha, in ads, on billboards and banners,” profile publications write .

But the subject of ridicule “Papyrus” was during the advertising campaign and the release of “Avatar” in 2009 – the font appeared on the film’s logo and in the credits. Then the media criticized the creators of the expensive and large-scale picture, whose budget amounted to 237 million dollars without taking into account the cost of marketing. The authors of “Avatar” were imputed with an overly primitive font selection and even “miserly” in this regard.

One of the original avatar posters
One of the original avatar posters

In 2017, the most popular satirical show in the USA, Saturday Night Live, showed a short Papyrus with Ryan Gosling. It turned out a whole drama. A character named Stephen could not get rid of the Avatar logo. Because of paranoia, he went to a psychiatrist, made nervous breakdowns and, seeing the designer’s house, shouted to him: “I know what you did.”

Cameron simply highlighted the word “Avatar,” called a drop-down menu, and randomly chose the font Papyrus. Like a careless child, walking in the garden and tearing leaves in his path.

Stephen (Ryan Gosling)
from the SNL sketch

After the SNL sketch came out, the journalists contacted the creator of Papyrus, Chris Costello. The designer said that he watched the short film with his wife and at that time “could not stop laughing.” As a result, Costello called the sketch “one of the best things he saw in his life.”

“Avatar” is recognized as the highest grossing film in the history of cinema: it collected more than 2.7 billion dollars at the box office. The release of the second part is scheduled for December 17, 2020. The remaining sequels will be released at the end of the 2021st, 2024th and 2025th.

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