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Assange challenged the obligation to pay for the Internet and clean up after the cat at the Ecuadorian embassy. The court did not support him

Otherwise, the founder of WikiLeaks can be evicted. He considered such conditions to be infringing.

The cat of Julian Assange. EPA Photos

The court in Ecuador did not support the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, who tried to challenge the rules set by the country’s embassy. As the BBC reports , the journalist must follow the rules if he wants to continue to live at the embassy where he has been since 2012.

The court ordered Assange to pay for the Internet and clean up the tray of the cat who lives with him. He should also leave behind a clean bathroom, pay for food and laundry.

Ecuador’s Prosecutor General Inigo El Salvador told Reuters that Assange’s residence cost the country $ 6 million.

If Mr. Assange wants to stay and will follow the rules, he can stay at the embassy for as long as he wishes.

Inigo Salvador
Attorney General of Ecuador

On October 13, the Embassy of Ecuador introduced new rules of stay for Assange. He was forbidden to use local Wi-Fi and to perform any actions that could be regarded as “interfering in the internal affairs of other countries.” And obliged to monitor the hygiene of the premises, clean up after the cat, pay bills for food, medicine and laundry.

On October 19, Assange accused the Ecuadorian embassy of violating his “fundamental rights and freedoms” and went to court. The lawsuit claimed that the embassy forbade him from seeing anyone other than lawyers, blocked access to the telephone and the Internet, and also threatened to annul the protection provided.

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