The ECG in the Apple Watch Series 4 can be used not only in the US – just change the region in the settings

The function is limited depending on the country, but only systemically.

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The electrocardiogram will be available to Apple Watch Series 4 owners in any country, not just in the USA. However, to use the function, you will have to change the region in the settings. This was reported edition 9to5Mac.

Evidence that the ECG is only limited is systemic noted by the author of the site and developer Guilherme Rambo (Guilherme Rambo). He investigated the iOS code and found that the function works depending on the region settings on the iPhone and the user’s clock: if a country other than the United States is specified, the electrocardiogram will not work.

Rambo came to the conclusion that Apple will sell the device with ECG sensors in all markets. This means that it will be enough for users to change the region in the settings in order to access the function even being outside the United States.

To do this, go to “Settings – Basic – Language and Region – Region” and select “United States of America”. In the same way, you can access other functions with restrictions on the region – for example, the service Apple News.

Apple Watch Series 4 with electrocardiogram function presented on September 12th. The ECG requires Apple to approve health authorities in various countries, so the opportunity is currently available only in the United States, where the company has already received prior approval from the Food & Drug Administration.

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