Photo: Sneakers from Puma, the design of which is inspired by Russian concrete fences with “rhombuses”

New shoes – part of a joint collection with the Russian brand Outlaw on the topic of freedom.

Puma presented a collaboration with Russian clothing brand Outlaw. The general idea of ​​the collection is freedom and Russia. It included clothes and shoes with the logo “Pyma”, and the shooting of the promotional video took place on Lake Baikal.

One of the brand new products of the brand was sneakers with a rhombic pattern on the sole. This is a reference to Russian concrete fences, which can be found throughout the country (the official name is “Fence Plate PO-2”). Sneakers will be sold in white (more similar to the fence) and black colors.

In 2013, the Esquire edition found the architect who created the fence, Boris Lachman. In the 70s he headed the Mosgorstroymaterialy bureau and designed the fencing design. Lachman told reporters he now lives in the United States. “This fence is not the greatest thing I’ve done. And the fact that they were literally flooded with the whole country is not very clear to me, ”he added.

I still, when I watch Soviet films and even footage from Russia, even in small towns, I see only my fences. I have no feelings about this.

I am already an American at all. Me and in Russian, you see, it is difficult to speak. The fact that you found me is out of the blue is ridiculous. I absolutely do not think about all this. Nostalgia? When I get nostalgia, I eat black caviar.

Boris Lachman
the creator of the fence with “rhombic”
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