Photo: Graffiti on Australian Granaries

The authors of the Silo Art Trail project created a series of graffiti on Australian granaries and a map specifically for fans of this type of art.

The Silo Art Trail project positions itself as Australia’s largest open gallery, with “canvases” for which ordinary granaries served. Among the buildings involved in the project, there are those that were built in the 30s of the last century.

Silo Art Trail was launched in 2016 with the filing of Brisbane-born Guido Van Helten: he traveled to various countries, creating large-scale murals on houses and granaries.

Later he was invited to join the team of famous artists from Australia and other countries of the world – they traveled around the state of Victoria, met local people and turned granaries into works of art.

Especially for fans of graffiti Silo Art Trail put the main points of the route on the map. With its help it is easier to plan a sightseeing trip.

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