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NTV journalist Nikita Razvozzhaev committed suicide. He left a farewell note in “VKontakte”

The correspondent became known after the video on the day of the Airborne Forces in Gorky Park.

Nikita Razvozzhaev. Photos from personal page in VKontakte

The journalist of the NTV channel Nikita Razvozzhaev committed suicide in Moscow. This information was confirmed to the agency “Version-Saratov” by the director of the State TV and Radio Broadcasting Company “Saratov”, where Razvozzhaev had previously worked, and to the radio station “Moscow Talking” in the press service of NTV .

The 25-year-old journalist left a death note on his VKontakte page. In his farewell address, Razvozzhaev appealed to the girl, friends, colleagues and parents, but did not give specific reasons for the act.

First of all, I want to apologize to my parents. Mom, dad, grandmother Lisa, grandmother Sasha. I did not meet your expectations. I was left alone with my thoughts in a strange city. If you were there, everything would have been different. But this is my decision. Sorry.

Darling. I thought and understood for a long time – there is no life without you. I will never find someone like you. I dreamed of being with you, I believed that you would forgive me. This is not your fault. I decided to take this step only because I hope that I will be there with you. Although I do not know what is there. Forgive me. Forgive me for all. For hurt, for quitting. I am leaving with the thought of loving you. I promised that I would love you until the end of my days – and this is the only promise that I kept. I really wanted to become an exemplary father and husband. Remember, please, only good.

I beg you all to excuse me. I’m leaving. I will not be back. But I will be somewhere nearby. In memory, in the photo, video, somewhere else. Before you commit this act, I sincerely repent before the Lord God. I take a sin on my soul and realize all the consequences.

Nikita Razvozzhaev
NTV journalist in farewell note

According to Saratov 24, Razvozzhaev fell out of a window on the 11th floor of a house in Moscow, where he rented an apartment. Dmitry Petrov, director of the Saratov State TV and Radio Company, did not give details of what had happened and noted that “this news is known to him.” A spokeswoman for NTV Maria Bezborodova said that on the TV channel “deeply shocked” what happened.

We offer sincere condolences to Nikita’s relatives. This is a personal tragedy of the family, we would not like to talk about other details.

Maria Bezborodova
NTV press secretary

Razvozzhaev worked as a Vesti correspondent for the Saratov State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, after which he got a job on NTV, for which he shot reports in Moscow and St. Petersburg. On the day of the Airborne Forces of 2017, the journalist conducted a live broadcast in Gorky Park: during a live broadcast, a man entered the frame and hit him in the face. The video has become very popular, and the attacker received six months of correctional labor.

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