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Harassment in Google: what the “top” of the company was blamed for and how it responded – tezisno

According to the NY Times, Google hid the harassment of top managers when hiring and at parties. And Android creator Andy Rubin inclined his colleague to oral sex.

Andy Rubin. Getty Photos

The New York Times has published an investigation into sexual harassment on Google. According to the newspaper, several top managers molested colleagues or girls who wanted to get a job in the company. And when employees filed complaints – Google did not disclose the fact of harassment.

Three employees became the heroes of the material – the head of Google X Richard DeVaul (Richard DeVaul), senior vice president of the company Amit Singhal (Amit Singhal) and the creator of Android Andy Rubin (Andy Rubin). Two of them after the charges left the company themselves with a “golden parachute” in the millions of dollars, and DeVaul kept the position.

  • The New York Times calls Google a fairly “free” company in terms of relationships at work. The publication gives an example with the former head of Google, Eric Schmidt, who hired a mistress (information was confirmed by four sources). In 2014, Vanity Fair talked about Sergey Brin’s novel with Google Glass’s marketing department Amanda Rosenberg, which led to his divorce from his wife;
  • In 2013, the head of Google X Department DeVaul conducted an interview with the engineer Star Simpson (Star Simpson). During the conversation, DeVaul stated that he and his wife had “open” relations, and then invited the girl to the Burning Man festival;
  • Simpson agreed to go to talk about work there. But in the camp at the festival DeVaul suggested that the girl take off her shirt and give her a massage. She refused – in a few weeks she was refused work without explanation;
  • In 2015, Simpson told Google representatives about harassment — she was asked not to talk about it and promised that measures had already been taken.
Richard DeVaul. Photo by David Cruy
  • Singhal molested an employee at an internal party, where there were dozens of colleagues. Google learned that Singhal was drunk, but did not dismiss, and invited him to resign himself. After that, he publicly said that he simply decided to focus on the family;
  • Much of the investigation is about Android’s father Andy Rubin. The success of the mobile OS gave him more freedom than other top managers: for example, he called his subordinates stupid and incompetent. Google did nothing until they found BDSM porn on Rubin’s computer. Then he lost his annual bonus;
  • Rubin met his future wife at Google, but while working on Android, he met other girls from the department. The New York Times has learned at least two similar novels. In March 2013, Rubin invited the girl to the hotel, whom he met – according to her, she did not part with him out of fear for his work. In the issue, the creator of Android forced her to oral sex – this led to the final break;
  • In 2014, the girl filed a complaint against Rubin. During the investigation, he received a bonus of $ 150 million for his contribution to Android. As a result, Google’s top manager was found guilty, but no obscenity was announced – Rubin left the company with a “golden parachute” of $ 90 million, although according to the rules he could be dismissed without severance pay.

Reaction to the investigation

  • Andy Rubin commented on the investigation on Twitter: he stated that journalists made inaccuracies in the material and exaggerated his “golden parachute”. According to a former employee of Google and the founder of Essential, the story about oral sex was invented by his wife, who filed for divorce;
  • The head of Google Sundar Pichay after the material The New York Times sent out a letter to the staff. In it, he said that since 2016, the company has dismissed 48 employees for sexual harassment. 16 of them were top managers. “No one received severance pay,” Pichai stressed.
  • Richard DeVaul, in a conversation with The New York Times, apologized for the “mistake in judgment” in the case of Simpson. According to him, the girl was denied a position even before the offer to go to the Burning Man festival. DeVaul stressed that he was sure: she was told about the rejected candidate in Google X.
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