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“Gotcha, the Internet”: video bloggers tricked dozens of American media using the twin Bieber and burrito

The largest media believed in the photo in which the singer “wrongly” eats street food.

Justin Bieber’s twin eats a burrito – this photo was distributed in many American media. Photo Yes Theory

October 25, first on Reddit, and then in most of the American media, a picture of Justin Bieber was sold out. The singer sat in the park and ate a burrito, but users and journalists were outraged that he did it from the middle. On October 29, the video bloggers from the Yes Theory channel said that they had taken a picture and picked up the Bieber counterpart to play media and the Internet.

Initially, a photo appeared in the r / mildlyinfuriating subreddit: Reddit users noticed that Bieber was “eating the wrong food” from the middle. The picture quickly spread on Twitter and Facebook, as many began to joke that the singer does not know how to eat street food.

“Justin Bieber doesn’t know how a burrito works?”

“We can’t trust Justin if he eats a burrito that way.”

“Bieber is just a genius. He bites off a burrito from the middle so that he has a mini-burrito in both hands. He lives in 3018

Soon the photograph was picked up by the largest US media and TV channels. They began to discuss the style of eating a burrito from Bieber and collect jokes of users of social networks. Russian media also talked about this, but only a few, like Medialeaks and PeopleTalk .

Some foreign media and channels that published the photo:

Some publications questioned the veracity of the photo. For example, Insider conducted a whole investigation about the authenticity of the picture. Journalists noticed some inaccuracies: they were sent images by e-mail without exact coordinates where it was made, the clothes on Bieber differed from the one he prefers to wear, and the hair also differs in length and color.

Double Justin Bieber in a wig. Shot from video Yes Theory

The Yes Theory video-bloggers admitted that they had played journalists with the help of the Bieber counterpart and several photos. They said that they had found a similar guy in Canada, brought him to a hairdresser and dressed him in similar clothes to hide the lack of tattoos.

The bloggers had several variants of suitable situations with a double: they recorded a video with “Bieber” in the car, on the street and in a cafe. However, a photo came up with a “ridiculous” eating a burrito. The authors took several pictures, sent out to the largest bloggers and media with minimal description. By the end of the day, their pictures were already on the Internet news and on television.

The purpose of the video is to show the world how easy it is to manipulate the media if you provide them with certain news. We hope that this will help many people learn not to believe everything they hear.

the authors of the YouTube channel Yes Theory

When the bloggers talked about their prank, they were contacted by the manager of a real Bieber, who praised them for the idea and noted that he was surprised at the news about his client with a burrito.


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