Architecture: Wooden temple in Chuvashia after restoration

The church built in 1900 survived the revolution, the Soviet regime and perestroika, and in 2017 it was sheathed with siding.

Photo by Yuri Alekseev

In 2017, the wooden Church of the Nativity of Christ, built in 1900, was restored in the village of Hyrkasy in Chuvashia. The old domes were replaced with new, different forms, wooden windows were replaced with plastic windows, the roof was changed and the whole temple was sheathed with blue siding.

According to the rector of the temple, some of the materials “were allocated to benefactors who do not want publicity and who do this not for their glorification. Since the wooden building of the church is already 116 years old, repairs are “constantly needed here,” he noted.

At the end of October, photographer Ilya Varlamov commented on the renovation of the rural church , stating that “today the church can be safely demolished.”

90 years ago, communists blew up temples. The young country was faced with a completely understandable task – it was necessary to completely reforge the cultural code, human consciousness. And the temples, as a legacy of the past, were a serious obstacle.

What survived after the Soviet Union, those bits, are now methodically destroyed by officials of the Russian Orthodox Church. If I understand the act of the Communists, although I categorically do not accept it, then what aims are today’s barbarians? Why are they fighting with Russian history and culture?

Ilya Varlamov

According to Varlamov, the blue siding was chosen because of its cheapness (“they are usually fenced in garbage containers, and then they decided to make a temple”), and the new form of domes is explained by the fact that “the contractor who is very loved and close to the ROC produces only such domes that’s why they are molded all over the country. ”

Photo kinyava Photo by Yuri Alekseev
Photo by Vladimir Grankovsky

In late October, another example of a similar repair was again started up in runet : the former church in Yelets was gradually rebuilt, and as a result, it turned into a tin-roofed construction store.

Kirkh among other architectural sites Ilya Varlamov mentioned in the summer when he announced the creation of a foundation for the preservation of Russia’s historical heritage.

They started talking about another old church sheathed with siding in December 2016. The prosecutor’s office of the Arkhangelsk region then conducted an inspection of the uncoordinated repair of the Nikolskaya chapel of the 18th century in the village of Rakula – and refused to open a case, the repair was considered the salvation of an architectural monument.

Photo of the Kholmogory Life publication
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