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According to rumors, Twitter wants to remove “like” and not everyone on the network likes it

Last week, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey announced that they would revise the concept of a social network and admitted that they didn’t like the like heart button and wanted to get rid of this feature in order to improve the quality of the debate.

Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey
In response to this, the reaction of users on Twitter was not long in coming :
Twitter: we know that the user of our platform went to kill, and wrote about it on Twitter in advance and we did nothing. What if we remove the like button for some reason?

twitter: you can now add tweets to your favorites: cool, it will be useful. twitter: favorites – now likes! users: sounds weird, but octvitter: some likes appear in everyone in the feed! users: what? No, don’t! Twitter: Clearly, there will be no users now: what? Twitter: we are for a quality debate!

We: can you ban the Nazis? Twitter: Favorites – now huskies! We: How about banning automatic and troll accounts, could help … Twitter: Huskies now appear on your tapes! We: Just make the rules work. Twitter: We hear you. We remove huskies.

One user indicates that deleting the “friendly and confirming” button will only increase the hostility on Twitter, which is probably true.

Removing the like button will make the trolls problem 100% worse. The most common way to interact is to put a friendly Like. In the new twitter, the most common type of interaction will be a hostile response. What the hell is it for?

Others worry about what message it will send to those who are addicted to the likes of dopamine “like”.

I can’t figuratively express how bad this idea is. The Like button allows me to recognize and send love to people who share amazing things. Allows me to confirm that I care about quickly and easily. THIS IS A SMALL HEART! This is the most important thing that I like on Twitter.

Meanwhile, some users still actually use the like button for a practical purpose (to save stories for reading later), rather than to support points of view. Do you think your bookmarks are now out of control? Well, you haven’t seen anything yet.

NOW! I use the like button to save to read later. We need a tool to save important tweets.

Do you use the like button on Twitter and what do you think about the opinion about removing it?

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