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Why Xiaomi Mi Band 1s is the best fitness bracelet

Hi people! I had the first fitness bracelet almost immediately after the announcement in 2011: Jawbone UP . He was very cool, but after half a year of intercourse I did not understand – why do I need this?

I saw, I thought that was cool and bought. The first month it was interesting to run with him, perhaps, he stimulated to play sports. Then came some business, a new job. No time – no running. No running – why do you need a bracelet?

How did you switch from Jawbone to Xiaomi

What not to say, jabon was beautiful. With him you are all so sporty, fashionable, correct. Therefore, my UP replaced another Jawbone, followed by Misfit and several purebred models. I looked closely at the Apple Watch, but I love analog watches and I don’t like to frequently charge appliances.

Either Apple Watch + fitness tracker , or fitness tracker + analog watch . Of course, I remained faithful to Orient.

Having gone through all this pile of glands by the age of 30, it became clear that in order to control the training I had enough regular hours, I don’t prepare for the marathon, squeezing out all the juice. And the pulse can be counted by hand where more precisely any gadgets.

But one day I could not resist and bought Mi Band 1s to try : it’s not a pity to throw away for fifteen hundred thousand. It turned out, wasting time in vain, Xiaomi made the best gadget! That’s what’s like about him.

1. Minimalism

On the purity: Mi Band 1s – the most ordinary fitness tracker. But it is unnoticeable, not conspicuous, regardless of the clothes. The capsule looks like an ordinary bracelet, but with a leather or woven instead of the usual plastic, it is not visible at all.

And the alert system is cool. It seems to be there, and it does not seem to be there: 3 LEDs are enough to communicate the most important, for the rest there is a vibration.

So Mi Band 1s does not replace the place of watches, as an elite accessory (and you thought, Tag tag does nothing?) Does not duplicate their functions. But he can do more “blind” fitness trackers without indicators.

2. Accuracy

How do not praise all sorts of American trackers, pedometer and heart rate monitor in them work with the same accuracy as other gadgets. Most fitness trackers have recently received this chip – the Xiaomi Mi Band 1s turned out to be one of the first.

It’s all about the method. I know a bunch of people who have a pulse heart rate monitor does not work at all, showing nonsense. In the average case, the photo method gives a 15% error. Well. For most people, this means that the bracelet hardly distinguishes the heartbeat during a marathon from everyday walking.

And Xiaomi Mi Band 1s according to my feelings, due to the software Xiaomi, certainly works no worse than analogs. Maybe only Garmin and the new Watch will be more accurate, but this is a different class – you will not wear a chest gum around the clock.

3. Long working time

The first and second copies of the Mi Band 1s I lost six months and a year after the purchase. The current has been living for a year and a half, and it works for a month ( against 40 days after purchase ) without charging. I haven’t had such survivable trackers yet.

Not even sure that there are direct competitors. Now do not charge extra gadget once again – priceless.

4. Stable work

At one time I managed to buy the first Jawbone. The one from the defective party. Yes, and with the failed Garmin had to torment. I’m not talking about longing for those who suffer from Xiaomi wearable electronics: either the firmware will change to English, then the functions disappear in the application.

Maybe I was lucky, but while wearing the Mi Band 1s, I did not encounter a single serious incident. Unless a smart alarm clock was cut out, but it didn’t work for me anyway.

5. Availability

Since the release of the Xiaomi Mi Band 1s has passed an incredibly long time. It still comes with firmware updates, fixes for the companion application … and you can buy it on AliExpress for a real penny. 3-4 times cheaper than the cheapest Chinese, not to mention serious gadgets.

Last year I scored 500-700 rubles for almost 10 pieces, everything went well for the New Year. I had to stock up yet, so I have a half-year supply, I can change it every six months. And all this – for the price of one analog from Jawbone.

Mi Band 1s or Apple Watch?

Really see 1 alternative for mibenda – Apple Watch . Because no other tracker in the aggregate and near is not: inferior or in strength, or accuracy, or in availability. And about the accessories, I am silent.

Today would take Watch again. They no longer squint, ask unnecessary stupid questions. But change your favorite mechanics to electronic ones to charge every 2 days?


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