Why is the iPhone so expensive?

Apple products have always been expensive, but in recent years, price tags for top-end devices have simply amazed customers.

The new iPhone Xs has become the most expensive smartphone of the company, for the price of the device it is quite possible to take a used car.

However, the price of an iPhone is justified and Apple has a number of reasons to sell its devices with such a price tag.

The iPhone is worth as much as it’s willing to pay.


The most expensive companies in the world work not fools, but people who know how to make money. They set the price of the flagship at the ideal level for Apple.

On the one hand, precisely calculated cost will seriously enrich Cupertino, and on the other hand, it will not deter customers.

If, for a set of iPhone options, the benefits of the ecosystem and the brand image, buyers would not be willing to give its value, then the iPhone would be expensive. Once a smartphone is bought, then its price is fair. The fact that for many people in our country the amount is transcendental is not an Apple problem.

We do not know the cost of the iPhone

Analysts and experts can calculate the cost of the smartphone components as much as they like , but only the dedicated ones know the cost of the gadget.

That Apple employees know how much money is spent on developing and testing their own components, how much is the prototyping of the gadget itself, how much money is needed for the development of iOS. Do not forget about the logistics and a lot of relatively small expenses, which also must cover the selling price of the iPhone.

Only the cost of the components is almost half the price of the iPhone Xs, and in fact the company also makes money on gadgets.

It is stupid to blame Apple for over-pricing the devices being sold when we don’t know their real cost.

Android competitors are worth


If competing devices on another OS were really cheaper, you could blame Apple for greed, but after all, top-end smartphones are getting closer to the iPhone level every year.

For a device with a set of modern technologies have to pay accordingly. This is not the collusion of companies with the aim of obtaining super-profits, the cost of the devices is what we are willing to pay for them (see the previous paragraph).

IPhone has crazy performance

Modern smart phones do not exceed the size of calculators from 20 years ago, but they have the performance of full-fledged computers.

If you compare the test results of the iPhone and MacBook , it turns out that the performance of the model Xs Max is at the level of the basic 13-inch MacBook .

We are used to paying for the power of computers, but for some reason we do not take this into account when choosing a smartphone. It’s a similar computer, but only in a small package.

iPhone can not be bought at full price


The iPhone is one of the few smartphones that can be bought for an incomplete cost. In some countries, the gadget is sold with reference to the contract of the mobile operator. So for a fraction of the cost of the iPhone, you can get minutes and gigabytes.

It is possible to purchase a smartphone in the framework of various programs and promotions. Just give the old gadget and take a new surcharge .

But still sold restored smartphones . A gadget that has undergone certain procedures looks like a new one, but costs 20-30% cheaper.

All this allows you to buy an iPhone cheaper.

iPhone is maintained by Apple for long and high quality


When buying a smartphone, we do not even think about how much money the company spends to support our gadget. This is a warranty repair / replacement of the smartphone, and a support service that answers all our questions, and the release of new versions of iOS for ours.

We do not pay extra for it and do not worry, as owners of Android devices, that in a year the device will not receive an updated firmware.

Just think, iPhone 5s and iPad mini 2 from far 2013 will receive an iOS update at least until the autumn of 2019 .

Many software chips get on the device, and most importantly – fix all the problems found, bugs and holes in the security system.

Only iPhone can use iOS


Apple has a kind of monopoly on the mobile operating system. If you want to use a convenient and user-friendly OS, kindly pay for the iPhone.

There are no branded shells from different manufacturers, no themes that pull out the eyes and icons that vary from version to version.

No need to get used to the new menu and design when changing the gadget, do not waste time on a selection of a suitable lunch.

If you use your iPhone at least once, you will get used to the new very quickly.

The price of the iPhone is a kind of entrance ticket to the world without root, custom firmware, recovery modes and other things.

I, too, are outraged by the price tag on top iPhone models, but I understand why our favorite device costs so much.

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