What is wrong with Xiaomi Mi Mix 3? Understood in detail

Xiaomi, having tormented fans for half a year, has finally released a full-fledged update to the premium line: the completely frameless smartphone Mi Mix 3 .

If we discard the unique design, the transition from  Mix 2s  to Mix 3 looks strange: this is not a new model, but the second minor update in a year!

But still, this is the most interesting smartphone of the year. For adequate money, nothing will be cooler anymore – and I know that I will buy it.

Shut up and take my money!

Xiaomi Mix: a stand of achievements and a little smartphone


For the European market, Xiaomi Mi Mix has become the first frameless smartphone. Before him, there were still Japanese Sharp for the domestic market, but only Xiaomi managed to create the first mass model .

The industry did not know anything like either before or after. The second generation has only become more convenient. Rare case.

It was in this line that Xiaomi first rolled ceramics as a material for the body. And why not, if Mi Mix has become not just the company’s flagship smartphone – it is a “showcase of achievements” from the conceptual ideas of developers and a powerful stuffing.


A few years later, these smartphones confirmed their status, becoming the “early birds” : MI Mix is ​​the first to receive system updates and unique accessories of its own Xiaomi.

But with Mix 3  , something went wrong . Or does it just seem like?

Ugly duckling or the fate of smartphones?


Let’s be frank – the rumors around Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 promised much more than we expected: a frameless screen, a subscreen fingerprint scanner, a unique camera and a completely new platform …

Rumors only fueled interest, but were not justified. Scanner – the usual. In fact, it works faster than subscreen, more precisely and better.

But after all, it’s not usability that is important to us, but innovation for the marketers report, right?

As a result, the smartphone seems ambiguous – too few innovations per cubic millimeter of the smartphone. Mix 3 has lost its chin and has not acquired a mono-brow.

What a classic MIX, created by Hugo Barr ! Wide, large and uncomfortable – but stylish.

Seriously : Xiaomi already has Mi Mix 2s , developed by FrenchLebedev, designer Philippe Starck, whose world famous works have a whole page on Wikipedia.

Mix 3 – just a design change?


Now, Xiaomi’s main display case is similar to  Oppo Find X  and  Huawei Magic 2  with its pull-out mechanisms: the same 6.3-inch AMOLED screen, which occupies 93% of the front surface.

Of course there are frames, there are even more of them than in other “frame” smartphones. Renders are a little cunning: a black bar on the side takes 3 mm, from the bottom and from the top – about 4 each.

Also, the screen resolution is only 2340 × 1080 (19.5 by 9). Why not increase to 2K + / 4K + ? This solution would save OnePlus, by the way.

But Xiaomi and everything is so good. The AMOLED grid is missing:

  • infinite contrast
  • huge brightness  600 cd / m2 ,
  • color coverage is sufficient for professional retouching – 103.8% NTSC .

And due to the resolution the load on the system is minimal.

For convenience and performance
For copying
Average score

Who needs a slider in 2018? And for what?


Good mark for copying? Because the Oppo is unlocked by the camera, pushing out a block of front-facing cameras with a terrible buzzing of electric motors.


Job slider in Oppo Find X

Xiaomi made a smartphone for geeks who are not greedy for  fat front cameras with wild anti-aliasing for “cool selfies”.

The slider in Mix 3 is  mechanical , like in the good old days! The front-wheel drive can now be used only when necessary: ​​need – spread the smartphone, do not need – live like a paranoid.

I don’t know how my colleagues or our readers are, but, apparently due to my gender, age and weight, I use the front-end in rare cases. The mechanism for  30,000 operations will last me for a lifetime.

Count yourself how often it is used. And how, do you really need a dual front-end in the middle of the screen for you personally? I doubt it.

However, the camera here is special. The main module of 24 megapixel + secondary 2 megapixel is clearly able to recognize faces well, although there is no IR module (there is a soft flash ). But for chatikov, talks in skype will be enough.

To find another suitable operator to stream FullHD at 60 fps with  HDR to drive from the front camera.

For the idea
For the implementation
For those
who likes selfies

Old platform and minimum of changes

Rumors promised in Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 a fundamentally new platform, Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 . How this could happen if at the moment the index is scored for the version of Snap 845 for laptops with Windows is unknown.

However, Xiaomi really announced the version of Mi Mix 3 with 5G . To do this, it will have to change the processor – the current Snap 845 does not work on 5-generation networks.

At the beginning of winter, we are waiting for Xiaomi Mi Mix 3s  on a new processor with 5G support. The current model will not cope with this.

On the other hand, what is the difference between us and the residents of the CIS? New networks will appear in Russia not earlier than 2020, and only in big cities. It’s good that LTE works more or less.

So the platform is old, boring (anyway, ARC Core is not interesting to anyone yet).


Yes, there is a built-in DSP-processor Hexagon 685 for the work of artificial intelligence (as in Mix 2s) and high-quality photo processing. Yes, high energy efficiency.

But this platform is the best for Android smartphones, with a crazy performance and excellent video core. Let it be the same as its predecessor, in the same equipment.

Possible 10 GB of RAM and fast 10- watt (at Mix 2s – 7.5 W) wireless charging a little smooth out the negative. Buy a pair and forget about an empty battery forever.

Behind snap 845
For normal charging
For lack of marketing nonsense

Multimedia features: the most minor update

For those who follow Xiaomi smartphones, the main camera should be a disappointment : Mix 3 received a module from Mix 2s from a pair of 12 MP Sony IMX363 and  S5K3M3 + sensors .

One of them is equipped with a wide-angle, the second – a telephoto lens. You can use “smart shooting” to get HDR from the results of each, you can use separately.

According to the test results, DxO turned out to be slightly worse than the iPhone Xs . But in numerical values, the result completely repeats the result of Mix 2s, which failed our independent testing .


Examples of photos on the Huawei P20 Pro (left), Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 (right)


And advertising photos are ready to argue even with the  flagships of Huawei and  Samsung . Maybe the Chinese managed to fix the software?

Apparently, not only this: the smartphone has learned to shoot Super-Slow Motion  – videos with a frequency of 960 frames per second. This is a hardware feature .

For the “iron”
For software

What is Mix 3 for?


As a result of a preliminary assessment of Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, you can set an honest  4+ without waiting for the first results.

The Mix line continues its ideology, even changing its image to a more modern one: it is an original smartphone , stuffed with its own solutions.

But do not forget that the first Mix was born as the own idea of ​​Xiaomi engineers. Mix 3 was a direct response to Oppo Find X  and  Huawei Magic 2 .

Image Oppo Find X


Good or bad – everyone decides for himself. Although, in my opinion, today Mi Mix 3 has become the only completely frameless smartphone that can be recommended for purchase.

All competitors have not gone beyond the conceptual devices, or unique technological demos for the style.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3  is a real device that will not only attract attention, but also perform its functions no worse than the iPhone or Samsung.

What to choose: Mix 2s or Mix 3?


That is why it is worth considering the option of buying Mi Mix 3. The basic version, in spite of serious changes, costs only $ 475  – so much was asked for Mix 2s with 6/128 GB.

But already the real price for the Russian buyer will be higher for a very long time. And today you can buy Mi Mix 2s for 400-450 dollars.

For a reduced frame, you can overpay a couple of thousand


And it will work the same way, and be evaluated on the same solid 4+.

But Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s is not a slider. So I will go buy Mix 3.

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