What do the first owners think about the iPhone X R

Over the last week a lot of reviews on the iPhone X was published online the R . But one thing is the impressions of journalists, whom Apple first provided the opportunity to get acquainted with the new product, and the other is the reviews of real owners.

We studied the impressions of those users who can rightfully consider the iPhone X R their new gadget.

About the size, color and design of the iPhone X R

MacRumors readers to share their thoughts about the size of the X the iPhone the R . It advises taking Xs Max if the price of the latter does not stop you:

Calling iPhone X R intermediate between Xs and Xs Max model is impossible. All because of too thick frames. If you are planning to buy an iPhone X R solely because Xs Max seems too large to you – do not do this. 

It is unlikely that you are satisfied with the size of the X the iPhone the R . Still, it is too big compared to the iPhone X and Xs. The “budget” iPhone X R is almost identical in size to the Xs Max. 

The thickness of the frame is 1 mm, that is, you can safely add to the 6.1-inch display 2 mm. With this, the iPhone X R is thicker than Xs Max. If the question is solely in the choice of “the right size”, and not in money, choose Xs Max.

But the view of the other owner of the iPhone the X the R . He is dissatisfied with the size of the new product:

He is really big. And he is heavy. I updated on the iPhone X R with 6s and, damn it, these are completely different sensations.

I have big hands and I am used to using the smartphone with one hand. But with the iPhone X R this is impossible. Not only is it big, it is also rather slippery. It seems that you can not do without a cover.

One of the forum users Reddit compared the iPhone X R with a toy:

The aluminum framework in reality is much larger than in official photographs. I got the impression that the iPhone X R is a toy version of the iPhone Xs. All because of this strange and cumbersome framework. 

Drawing an analogy, when you buy an iPhone X R, you will feel something like a transition from the Apple Watch Edition to the simple Apple Watch Sport.

But another Reddit user still liked the red iPhone X R. That’s just not always convenient to use.


Firstly, the red iPhone X R is in fact not entirely red. He’s a little brighter. Pleased with rounded shapes. The display looks great – there is no feeling that the frame is too thick. 

Use the iPhone without the X Universal Access R is difficult. Reaching your thumb to the upper left corner is very difficult, so the function should be enabled. Typing will also have to adapt.

Finally, the opinion of the user , updated from iPhone 7 to iPhone X R :

I just bought an iPhone X R in the Apple store to replace my iPhone 7. There are no queues for it – just came in and exited with a new iPhone. 

If the iPhone 7 seemed slippery to me, then things are awful with the iPhone X R. Just in case, I designed AppleCare. It is very easy to drop a device from hands.

About iPhone X R Screen


Time to find out what is good the new generation of LCD-matrix Liquid Retina, set the X in the iPhone the R . Here are the impressions of the user Reddit. As a comparison, he cited photos of the iPhone X R and iPhone Xs Max, placing gadgets next to each other.

The difference when watching videos in high quality is really noticeable. But with the daily work of the iPhone X R is not much inferior to the flagship Xs Max.

But the impressions of the enthusiastic owner of the iPhone X R from the forum MacRumors:

I am publishing this post with iPhone X r . This is a smartphone! 

There are certain questions to the color rendition. However, it manifests itself only when turning the smartphone at an angle at which you are unlikely to ever use it. 

The quality of the LCD screen installed in the iPhone X R is incomparable with what we used to see on TVs. 

Yes, there is still a cool camera. Compared with Xs and did not see any difference in sharpness and anything else.

Discussing the display of many still annoying large frames:

Excellent LCD-matrix. Perhaps the best among all the LCD-iPhones. The Xs Max is slightly longer than the iPhone X R , and the width of smartphones is almost the same. 

The weight of the iPhone X R seems to me quite adequate. But the frames around the display … They are tolerable, but they annoy me. Still, I prefer a thinner framework for OLED smartphones.

About A12 Bionic processor

One of the Reddit users switched to the iPhone X R , exchanging their Android device. Impressions are strictly positive:

Smartphones are fast and responsive. Every application I open and then close remains in memory. As a result, I get access to it instantly and it does not overload. Great speakers and cool camera.

If you have already managed to try out the iPhone X R or you have become one of the first buyers, tell in the comments how you are Apple’s “budget”. Do you regret your choice?

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