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The FBI suspected Tesla was fooling its investors.

While Ilon Mask boasts plans for the production of an electric vehicle Tesla Model Y and boasts a substantially increased rate of production of the low-cost Model 3, the FBI has suspected the company of deceiving investors.

In particular, the attention of law enforcement agencies is focused on the promises of the head of the company regarding the Model 3 electric vehicle.

The FBI questioned the fact that public statements in 2017 about the plans and rates of production of the car. Intelligence agencies are confident that Ilon Mask intently overstated the numbers, wanting to attract as many investors as possible.

According to Mask, by the end of 2017, Tesla was supposed to produce about 20 thousand cars a month.

Alas, the Napoleonic plans of the head of the company have not come true yet. As of June 2018, Tesla has reached the production rate of about 5 thousand cars per month. WSJ ]

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