The best memes and viral videos of October 2018

In October, Conor and Habib, Kokorin and Mamayev, like the creative duets from the “Anshlag”, pleased us with infopowers, who in social networks gladly turned us into elements of folk art. The guys brewed porridge, which will have to clear up in December. And we still tell you about the most resonant, than shared in social networks. Do not forget about the Coubs. And to receive a pinch of memeticity with home delivery every day, subscribe to our channel “Some Game” in Telegram.


Unfortunately, with high-quality and funny videos this month is stressful. Something like the situation corrected Coub’y and this video. In it, the startled and simultaneously outraged driver talks about the situation on the road. Before that, he literally stood in a traffic jam, and then the flow of cars had disappeared as if by magic. As if “alien” … “foreigner” … But damn you!

Character Editor SoulCalibur 6

In October, a new part of the SoulCalibur 6 fighting game was released for PCs and game consoles. It is also attractive, including the presence of the witcher Geralt. But this is not the main thing. In the character editor, players can create their own heroes for battles. This editor is so flexible that he has already allowed the creation of Shrek, Thanos, Pikachu, Dr. Zoidberg and other characters from popular culture. Of course, users do not always get to the point and make a perfect copy. But from this characters come out just funnier, see for yourself.

Yes, and they know how to fight. Users have already demonstrated an exemplary fight between Shrek and Thanos.

Cub of Aliens

Todd and Nicole Cameron from Canada are distinguished by the blackness of their humor. The couple is expecting a baby. Like many similar couples, they decided to arrange a photo session. But all the ideas for her seemed to them commonplace. As a result, the guys were inspired by the fantastic thriller “Alien”. They bought fake blood, a silicone monster doll and went to the pumpkin field. What came out of this, you can see below in their Instagram account.

Attention! If you are afraid of fake blood, then do not thumb through the gallery!

Conor and Habib

In October, the import of memes about loose couples of heterosexual men was resumed from Russia with a new force. On October 7, the Internet got up on the next battle of the century between Russian Habib Nurmagomedov and Irishman Conor MacGregor. Interest in this fight was professionally fueled by scandals for several months. As a result, the octagon was much duller than outside, immediately after the battle.

The Russian did not hold back the ardor after the victory over the Irishman, with an enviable agility jumped out over the fence and went to the auditorium to knead the face. And his friends decided, on the contrary, to visit the site to nakostylyat exhausted Conor McGregor. As a result, both athletes were excluded from participation in competitions under the auspices of the UFC until December 10. Then, in December, an additional meeting of the disciplinary committee will be held, at which the fate of the fighters will be finally decided. In the meantime, you can remember the memes that erupted the Internet immediately after the battle.

Kokorin and Mamaev

Russian football players decided to keep up with their colleague and in no time pulled the blanket over the attention of social networks. On October 8, Zenit striker Alexander Kokorin and his good friend Krasnodar midfielder Pavel Mamaev celebrated last Sunday in a big way: they beat an official with a chair and kicked the driver of a Russian TV host. Amazing place this Moscow. You decide to bring a pinch of racism into your life and otlupit a man of Asian appearance – you run into an official from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, go and beat the first driver you find, and he will be the driver of a famous screen star.

Who knows, if a duet beat someone of lower rank, would their outrages have such consequences? And it so happened that both footballers and Kokorin’s brother are in jail today, where they will rest until December 8. The clubs disowned them, football functionaries condemned them, a criminal case shines on them. In addition, Mamaev is sitting in the same cell with a Spartak fan, who is forced to wear a brand T-shirt every day, since he has no one to wear. If for a football player the colors of the club mean something, then this may be an additional torture for him.

We just remind memes that accompanied all this resonant business.

Freestyle adaptation from Netflix

The serial empire of Netflix has recently tended to shrink. However, the appetites of the service are still huge. Anime series are also being raided, acquiring quite a free adaptation on Netflix, which is not liked by those who love the source. This policy has received its caustic reflection in social networks. In particular, there Netflix is ​​scolded for approaching the casting of characters.


Well, before the final chord, let us recall the web comics drawn by the craftsmen, which did not reach the general public.


And finally, our selection of the most interesting and popular Koubs over the past month.


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