iPhone X R withstands falling better than iPhone 8

Potential buyers of iPhones are often interested in the stress resistance of smartphones during various physical activities. Especially exciting are the possible damage from the fall of the device on a hard floor.

The blogger EverythingApplePro conducted a series of tests of the iPhone X R , comparing it with the iPhone 8. He alternated falls with different heights: first dropping smartphones on the back side and then on the display.

The iPhone 8 survived the ordeal until exactly the sixth fall. Having fallen flat from a height of about 1.7-1.8 meters, the display failed at the G8, but the smartphone itself continued to work.

But the iPhone X R survived this fall with dignity, despite the fact that it landed flat on the display. Further more.

Climbing up the ladder, the blogger threw the iPhone X R from a height of three meters. At the first fall, the smartphone fell onto the aluminum frame with an edge. Glasses weathered.

The second fall was fatal. The gadget landed flat on the back side and immediately covered with a mesh. From identical falls, the iPhone 8 received much greater damage.

The iPhone X R finally hung up with the display turned on after the 13th drop. Having stayed in this state for a couple of minutes, the device rebooted and continued to work, despite the damage to the screen.

One conclusion can be made: the iPhone X R is much stronger than the iPhone 8. But in any case, the smartphone must be protected with a case.

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