From the store Best Buy, Apple equipment was taken out for $ 150 thousand.

Over the past few months, there has been a massive boom in Apple among crime representatives in the United States. After a series of robberies of the company’s official stores, the robbers decided to switch to a large reseller Best Buy.

In the area of ​​two o’clock in the morning, the attackers penetrated the store’s warehouse and dragged off iMac, iPad, Apple Watch and other accessories worth $ 150,000.

Loss found only five hours later. At 7:20 am the manager reported to the police.

Now the police is investigating and clarifying the circumstances of the robbery. According to one of the managers, attackers often practice the scheme when they try to enter the store’s warehouse, remaining in the territory after closing;

Then they call associates and take out from the warehouse all that is required.

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