Found the main difference between iPhone X R and iPhone Xs

IFixit experts finally got to the X’s new the iPhone the R . Masters disassembled the smartphone.

The first and most important difference from the flagships in the design of the iPhone X R is the battery. If the iPhone X, Xs and Xs Max uses an L-shaped battery, then in the “budget” it is a classic rectangular.



In addition, the modular tray for SIM-cards appeared for the first time in Apple smartphones. This is no longer part of the motherboard.

It can be easily removed and put a new one, which increases maintainability.


And although the iPhone X R does not have 3D Touch support, the smartphone has the Taptic Engine vibromotor.

Engineers also noted a changed induction coil. In their opinion, the smartphone should be charged without wires faster, and warm up less. Wow



Following the results of the disassembly, the iFixit experts concluded that the internal design of the iPhone X R is a cross between the designs of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

Maintainability novelty rated at 6 points out of 10. The most sore point of the gadget in the front and rear windows. They are twice as easy to break when disassembling. Because of the updated waterproofing, some types of repair are more difficult to carry out. iFixit ]

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