Fall from Olympus. The Megin Kelly Story

A small story of the “American girl” Putin.

Megin Kelly in April 2018. Photo: Angela Weiss / AFP / Getty Images

Where is racism? But there will definitely be problems if you are a white person and you make a black face on Halloween, or if you are dark-skinned, and make your face white for this holiday. It was normal in my childhood, but only if you were dressing up in a certain character.

Megin Kelly
presenter of the morning show Megyn Kelly Today

Megin Marie Kelly was born in Syracuse, New York, November 18, 1970. She was raised in the city of DeWitt before her family moved to Delmar, which is located near Albany. Kelly attended Bethlehem High School, where she was involved in athletics and was the captain of her support team. When she was 15, her father passed away from a sudden heart attack.

After graduating from high school in 1988, Kelly studied at Syracuse University. After rejecting the school of public communications, she decided to study political science instead of journalism and in 1992 she received a bachelor’s degree. She then entered the Olban Law School , which she graduated with distinction in 1995. She assumed that she would become a prosecutor in the district prosecutor’s office. Instead, she found a job as a partner in the corporate law firm Bickel & Brewer and moved to Chicago in 1997.

In Chicago, Kelly met with medical student Dan Kendall and married him in September 2001. She also continued her career as a lawyer, becoming a corporate lawyer at Jones Day, where she worked for almost ten years. However, when her husband was hired by the Johns Hopkins Hospital in 2003, the couple moved to the Washington, DC area. Kelly began to doubt the choice of a career and, with the help of a friend, began to ring up the television managers. She returned to her former ambitions as a journalist when ABC News affiliate WJLA-TV in Washington, DC hired her as a freelance journalist. Kelly quickly established herself on the journalism scene in Washington, covering the 2004 election and the Supreme Court Nomination Court for the ABC. That same year, she entered the national scene as a Washington correspondent for Fox News. This will be an important step towards becoming one of the country’s most popular television journalists.

In 2006, Kelly and her husband divorced and FoxNews sent her to New York as co-host of NewsRoom USA with Bill Hemmer. The show featured a segment called Kelly’S Court, during which she used her jurisprudence to analyze news. In 2008, Kelly married Internet security director and writer Douglas Brant. In the coming years, the couple will have three children: Edward Yates, Yardley Evans and Thatcher Bray.

In 2016, Kelly began to actively cover the presidential election. One of the keys to its popularity was working with the Republican Party, which FoxNews had previously preferred not to notice. Her squabble with Donald Trump became popular throughout the country. For months (during the presidential campaign), the Republican leader practically pursued Kelly, focusing on her menstrual cycle , describing as “ crazy Megin Kelly, ” and retweeting the trolls, who called her “ little fool .” But in the end, their meeting still took place. Kelly met with Trump at his office in the Trump tower in Manhattan on April 13 to personally request an interview. In the end, Donald Trump gave her an interview. for TV channel FoxNews.

This is actually one of the undistorted stories of that campaign. I was not the only journalist to whom Trump offered gifts that were clearly intended to highlight the positive moments. Many reporters told me that Trump worked hard to offer them something fabulous, from hotel rooms to trips on his Boeing 757.

Megin Kelly
quote from the book “Agree on more”

Despite Trump’s mistreatment of Kelly, FoxNews did not come to her rescue. In fact, CEO Roger Ails had a friendly relationship with Trump. In 2016, Ailsa will be accusedof sexual harassment by various women because of what he will later be removedfrom the leadership of the channel. Kelly will eventually tell you that she, too, was one of Ails’s victims, along with one of FoxNews stars Gretchen Carlson, who was the first woman to speak out against Ailsa. In 2017, Roger Ails will die .

Megin Kelly at the Women in the World Summit in Manhattan. 2016 year. Photo: Jemal Countess / Getty Images.

Kelly has become one of the most popular news journalists on television, displacing a colleague Bill O’Reylis in the ranking among young viewers. She was featured in several stories for glossy magazines (for example, on the cover of VanityFair) and in 2014, TIME magazine included her on the list of 100 most influential people in the world.

Megin Kelly and presidential candidate Donald Trump. 2016 year. Photo: FOX / FOX Via Getty Images

Then, in 2016, Megin Kelly and 50 Grayscale producer Michael De Luca became co-authors of the comedy series Embeds , a political satire about five reporters during the US presidential election campaign. Telecommunications company Verizon ordered six half-hour episodes of a political comedy. Despite the fact that the show is following the presidential campaign, the real focus is on young people covering news, not politics. The idea of ​​the show was invented back in 2008, but it only came true for the 2016 presidential elections. The show did not continue, and later closed the Go90 platform from Verizon, through which distribution was carried out.

As for her work at FoxNews, then Rupert Murdoch (the owner of the channel) said that he wanted to keep it on his channel, as the expiration date of her contract for FoxNews was approaching. However, he noted that if she decides to leave the channel, then they have a very long bench of talented journalists who are ready to replace it. According to rumors, Kelly offered a salary of up to $ 20 million a year.

In January 2017, Kelly announced that she was leaving FoxNews to join NBC News, where she will be holding her own daily news program, as well as a news show on Sunday evening.

We hope that she will enjoy great success in her career and wish her and her family all the best.

Rupert Murdoch
FoxNews owner

Kelly’s move to NBC was announced as a huge win for the network. Kelly was leading number one on FoxNews, a network she left amidst a storm of sexual harassment charges against then-president of the network Roger Ails, including charges made by Kelly herself. She moved to NBC for an annual salary of just under $ 20 million. But her initial job received poor reviews and modest ratings.

The faded journalistic work on NBC was suddenly shocked by the news that she would be interviewing Vladimir Putin for NBC.

On the fields of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Vladimir Putin answered Megin Kelly’s questions . Actually, then she gained fame in Russia and in world journalism, since for a long time Putin had not been interviewed in this way by the United States. In addition, it was the first such interview after the accusation of Russia of interfering in the 2016 elections.

The hourly news show promised to be a “tough conversation” between Kelly and the Russian leader. But for Putin, it was a child’s play, because he showed elusive and ultimately dismissive behavior towards Kelly.

LA Times
Following an interview with Megin Kelly with Vladimir Putin

It was the most high-profile interview that Kelly conducted since she sat with Trump, being a FoxNews journalist in May 2016, in which he felt that Kelly treated him unfairly.

Photo: Alexey Druzhinin for AP and kremlin.ru

The Kelly program, which contained an interview with Vladimir Putin, received a massive advertising push from NBC, which preceded the premiere. Clips of the interviews have appeared in other NBC news programs. The icon advertising the interview appeared in the corner of the MSNBC cable network screen for the weekend. Colleagues Kelly on NBC News also advertised interviews on their twitter.

The US public was shocked for the second time when, in July 2017, Kelly interviewed conspiracy theorist Sandy-Hook Alex Jones. NBC then faced mass protests and lost some advertisers because of this interview with Jones, who doubted whether Sandy Hook was a deception. Kelly was also suspended from the activities of the children who were founded by the parents of the children who were killed in Sandy Hook Elementary School.

I think we do journalism. The bottom line is that, although it’s not always popular, it’s important. I would believe you that neither I nor the NBC news understood Alex Jones. It was shown to 5 or 6 million viewers. As you know, journalists have no choice who has power or influence in our country.

Megin Kelly
NBC journalist

Alex Johnson did not like the general rhetoric of the interview and the squall of criticism that followed him, because in that interview Kelly did not note that Johnson had begun to change his mind.

Megin Kelly – puppet. She is a beautiful woman that the corporate structure uses to promote her agenda. We have an entire interview that is documented so that we can posthumously see where she edited and where she manipulated.

Alex johnson
Megin Kelly on his own show. Photo: NBC / Getty Images

In the fall, Kelly changed the television image. At the premiere of “Megyn Kelly Today” in September 2017, she told her new studio audience that she “sort of did away with politics.” When Kelly deftly used her skills to tell the latest news in politics, she now spends her morning talking about the best fabrics of the season. However, all the same she did not finish with the policy, as she announced on her show earlier. Kelly was most clearly supported by the #MeToo movement . And later, in March 2018, she again met with Vladimir Putin for a new interview, which was recorded in two parts (March 1 in the Kremlin and March 2 in Kaliningrad). But this did not help the ratings.her show, which showed all the worst results, compared with a competing show on the channel ABC.

The quote, which is given at the beginning of the article, became fatal for her. After these words, the NBC television channel removed the journalist from the air and now her fate remains suspended. Insults on the grounds of racial discrimination in the United States are considered to be something out of the ordinary, and various cable networks can refuse it.

I can not believe this ignorance in 2018. You are on national television. You are responsible for social education @megynkelly . It is destructive.

After outrage, including some NBC colleagues, Kelly started her show on Wednesday with apologies to the audience and held a discussion with two black guests about her comments.

I want to start with two words, I’m sorry .. The country feels divided, and I do not want to add to this pain and resentment. I think this is a time for more understanding, more love, more sensitivity and honor .. Thank you for listening and helping me to listen too. Megin Kelly

Here’s an email Megin Kelly sent to colleagues today, apologizing for her comment about Blackface Halloween costumes.

Now I understand that this behavior is really wrong, and I regret. The history of the blackface in our culture is disgusting; wounds too deep.

From the letter of apology Megin Kelly

However, it did not help her. Source DailyMail in NBC reported that Kelly is a closed chapter and she will not be able to return to the TV channel. In turn, Megin hired a lawyer who specializes in cases of contracts with gender bias. She will receive all the 69 million dollars she is entitled to under the contract if the network cannot prove that she violated her contract in any way.

Megin Kelly became the star of the 2016 election in the media because she was the only person in Fox News who was ready to call Trump and call Roger Ails. When NBC brought her, they paid her an extremely high salary, built her a studio for $ 10 million and allowed her to bring all of her employees. They hoped to bring some of her popularity. Instead, they received none of the viewers.

Daniel Cassino
Assistant Professor of Political Science at Fairley Dickinson University

Incidentally, in 2013, Kelly was already noticed for this kind of commentary, telling FoxNews on the air that Jesus and Santa were white and there is no need to change their race by force. But then it was not perceived as hostile. In cvoom show, she criticized the American celebrities such as Jane Fonda and Debra Messing and questioned the treatment of some women on charges of sexual assault, saying the movement #Metoo many reasons to ridicule . She also defended Brett Cavanaugh during the interrogation of women who claimed that he had attacked them.

About a year ago, she was on top of the US television world. And now it is wiped off the face of American TV with the NBC eraser. It will be difficult to climb the second time. And for this you have to go back to the hell of politics, no matter how Kelly herself would like.

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