Channel One called irony an invitation to work for an American journalist who was fired from NBC for racism

But the press service of the channel noticed that they were ready to consider her resume.

Photo RIA “News”

The press service of the First Channel called the invitation addressed to the American journalist Megin Kelly and voiced on the air by the Vremya program host Kirill Kleymenov as irony.

This, of course, was irony. But if we get a resume Megin Kelly, we promise to consider it.

Channel One press service

On October 26, in the evening edition, Kleymyonov suggested Kelly “to spit on the bosses”, to move to Moscow and to lead the Vremya program with him. He also noted that the true reason for the removal of an American woman from work is “in our love for her.”

The plot that followed the invitation was dedicated to the scandalous dismissal of a journalist from the NBC channel. On Halloween live, she said that during her childhood, no one had thought about how ethical a light-skinned person was to make up under a dark-skinned one. Many viewers considered such a comment racist and unacceptable. Despite Kelly’s apologies on the air, the channel began negotiations with her about the terms on which a journalist could leave the company.

In Russia, Megin Kelly became widely known after conducting an interview with Vladimir Putin in March 2018. She is also known for being repeatedly criticized by Donald Trump.

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