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On Avito put up for sale Pushkin’s death mask for 100 thousand rubles

In the museum, they refused to buy it, since there may be several hundred of such masks.

In early October, on the site of Avito private announcements, Pushkin’s death mask was put up for sale. According to the author of the ad, the mask was cast in the workshop of the sculptor Fyodor Tolstoy and was inherited from the family.

My grandfather was married (first marriage) to a relative of F. Tolstoy, who kept a mask, after her death, the last one stayed with her grandfather and moved into our family.

Avito advertiser

Prior to the filing of the announcement, the owner of the mask applied to the All-Russian Museum of Pushkin in St. Petersburg. Galina Kostina, deputy director of the museum, said that the restorers had carefully studied the mask and found out that this was not a copy of the first ebb.

The whole country knows that we have our own death mask of Pushkin. The witnesses of the last breath of Alexander Sergeevich were his friends – Zhukovsky, Vyazemsky, Dahl and Dr. Adreevsky. It was Zhukovsky who ordered on the day of the poet’s death to make a death mask, which was made by the sculptor and molder Polievkt Balin under the guidance of the sculptor Samuel Galberg. According to the removed form, 15 plaster castings were made, which Zhukovsky distributed between his relatives and friends.

Later, from the first low tide, dozens, if not hundreds of copies were made. They even sold for a tidy sum among the nobility. Of course, in terms of artistic performance and historical significance they are inferior to the originals, but still, this is also a rarity.

But we don’t need such a mask – firstly, we keep the original, and secondly, we still have a whole cabinet of copies made at different times.

Galina Kostina
Deputy Director of the All-Russian Museum of Pushkin

In the Moscow Museum of Pushkin, where the owner of the cast also addressed, he was refused due to lack of budget funds for the purchase.

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