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IKEA accused of sexism for the post about the scratched car and gnawed slippers

The company apologized first, and then deleted the publication from social networks.

Facebook users accused the Russian branch of IKEA of sexism after a comic post appeared on the company’s page on October 16 with a photo of a dog and recommendations for the case “if you accidentally scratched his car or chewed on slippers”.

Commentators, mostly women, expressed the hope that the IKEA leadership would “draw conclusions” and dismiss the author of the post, suggested that the company supports everyday sexism and demanded an apology. In the comments to the post there were indeed apologies on behalf of the page, but they were not accepted.

On October 26, they paid attention to the post in popular channels in Telegram, after which a wave of negative comments intensified. Some users suggested complaining about it to the company’s customer support department. There were also those who supported the authors of the publication and offered to treat it with humor, but such comments turned out to be several times smaller.

In the morning of October 27, the post was removed from the social networks of Russian IKEA – it disappeared not only from Facebook, but also from VKontakte and Odnoklassniki, where there were fewer or fewer critics.

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