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Burger King decided not to prosecute for the action “You will not die of starvation in this city” in St. Petersburg

The Public Advertising Board suggested that the campaign could be arranged by unscrupulous competitors of the company.

In St. Petersburg UFAS they reported that they did not plan to punish the network of fast-food restaurants Burger King for the action that angered Petersburg bloggers and some media. As part of this action, promoters in the city went in T-shirts with the Burger King logo and with the words “You won’t starve in this city”.

At the end of September, the head of the regional OFAS, Vadim Vladimirov, argued that the department plans to consider initiating a case on grounds of violation of the law on advertising.

Many of us were born and raised in Leningrad. Some have relatives who survived the blockade, while others have lost their relatives. Therefore, this journalistic request will be considered by us as a statement.

Vadim Vladimirov
Head of Petersburg FAS

However, a month later, Vladimirov reported that “T-shirts with inscriptions insulted by Petersburgers will not be recycled and will no longer be used for promotional companies in St. Petersburg,” therefore, the agency considers the incident settled, and “initiation of a case on grounds of violation of the law on advertising is not appropriate.”

Earlier, a company spokesman for the Public Advertising Board said that Burger King did not conduct such an action, and it could be considered an act of unfair competition.

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