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An American woman complained in support of Twitter of threats from a suspect in sending bombs. They have not done anything

For almost a month, he wrote to her and many celebrities like Jim Carrey and Ron Howard.

On October 26, the FBI detained the first suspect of involvement in the sending of parcels of explosive devices to American politicians. The media found out that the American Sizar Seyok lived in a minibus with images of Trump and Clinton (she was in sight), had a rich criminal past and was actively discussing politics on social networks.

Former Congressional spokeswoman Rochelle Richie (Rochelle Ritchie) after the arrest, Seioka said she complained about an account allegedly owned by him in support of Twitter. She published screenshots of his tweets in which he wrote direct threats, for example: “We will definitely meet. Hug your family every time you leave the house. ”

“Hey, Twitter, remember when I complained about the guy who threatened me after Fox News, and you just said you didn’t find anything serious. So, this guy sent the parcels of high-ranking politicians with bombs. ”

According to Richie, she replied: “Threatening me … This is a bad idea,” and sent screenshots to the moderators. However, the support responded that the men’s messages did not contain violations of the internal rules of the service. According tomedia reports , Seiok used Twitter, including for threats to celebrities: he wrote to Jim Carrey, John Soros and director Ron Howard that he would come after them, and also attached photos of accidents, brutal murders and decapitated animals.

Officially, there is no evidence that the specified account is associated with Sayok . At the time of this writing, the profile of the suspect is blocked. Twitter declined to comment, explaining to The Verge that they could not do this until the investigation was completed.

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