Written by AI portrait sold for $ 432,500

The portrait, written by artificial intelligence, was sold at Christie’s for $ 432.5 thousand dollars, which exceeded all expectations. It was assumed that the picture created by the computer, will be able to help out up to $ 10 thousand, but the project, implemented by the group Obvious, consisting of three 25-year-old French, was much more successful.

Before generating a portrait of a fictional character named Edmond Belami, the AI ​​studied, “examining” 15 thousand portraits written between the 14th and 20th centuries. This is one of 11 works created by AI, and Edmond is the youngest member of a fictional family. In 2017, one of the portraits was purchased by a private collector for $ 12 thousand.

The buyer of the computer-generated image wished to remain anonymous.

As noted by The Verge, about a week ago, a conflict began to flare up around Obvious. The group is suspected of using someone else’s code to create algorithms. In Obvious, they admitted that they borrowed the development of the 19-year-old guy Robbie Barrata. Experts believe that “borrowing” is essential. Barrath’s code is in open-source, so it is unclear whether he will claim compensation.

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