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“What’s the reason for the prefix„ smart “, I don’t understand it”: the Russian ordered the smart jacket Xiaomi and got not what he expected

He found both advantages like “adequate prices” and unpleasant surprises – for example, there is no battery for heating.

In September, Runta Technology, owned by Xiaomi, presented a “smart” light jacket, raising funds for its launch using crowdfunding. The first copies were delivered to buyers in China on October 15. Outerwear costs 549 yuan (5.5 thousand rubles).

The jacket maintains temperature control and heat distribution, so the manufacturer positions it as a piece of clothing for any season. She is able to keep the temperature up to 50 degrees for eight hours in a row. Runmi Technology also stated that the heat is in the neck and back, but it is evenly distributed throughout the body.

In Russia, the “smart jacket” is not yet sold, so there are practically no Russian-speaking reviews for it. However, a Russian living in China under the nickname alkogolik80 told “Picaba” that he had already received his copy. On October 5, he made a pre-order from Shanghai via a crowdfunding platform, in which the “Chinese colleagues” helped him, and on October 23 he received a model.

Power supply

The buyer did not find the external battery in the kit – you need to buy it and connect it via USB to the cable in your pocket. “This is not a bad thing, since the price of a jacket is already so low, you can also fork out for a power bank yourself. Still, it was an unpleasant surprise, ”he explained.

The owner of the “smart” jacket checked how long the charge was when connecting an external battery at 6000 mAh and setting the maximum temperature. The charge lasted for 4.5 hours: the owner rated the result as “not bad”, but was thinking about buying a more powerful power bank.

Size and wash

According to the Russians, his height is 182 centimeters, weight – 86 kilograms. He advised buyers to take on a size larger than usual: “I wear size L or XL. Jacket bought XL, came up close. “

The word “butt”, he meant, above all, the length of the sleeves and the jacket itself. “It is short in itself, that is, slightly below the belt, with no puffs at the bottom,” the owner noted.

According to the label on the clothes, the manufacturer allows only hand washing, but the author of the review has not yet tried to wash the “smart” jacket.

Comfort, including during cold weather

Quotes from the review are slightly edited to make them easier to read .

  • “I do not know how the jacket will behave in rain, snow and frost, but, at first glance, the material from which it is made is rather dense and reliable. I mean the stuff outside. Inside she’s like sweatpants ”;
  • “She fries very well. Especially at maximum temperature. But again, in the cold, I have not experienced it. At first glance, such heating should be enough even for a harsh winter “,
  • “How severe is the winter I mean? I do not mean Siberia. I think she will draw degrees minus 20-25. I went home last night, it was +1 and there was a strong wind on the thermometer ”;
  • “The zipper is fastened very high, the collar covers the neck, chin and mouth. Only the nose is left outside. The hood is also warm and tightened with ropes. Also, the zipper in front closes with dense material, that is, it should not be blown ”;
  • “The sleeves are slightly thinner than the whole jacket, so yes, in the winter, the hands are likely to be cool”;
  • “Made a jacket like“ ski ”. But in jackets of this type, the neck area is usually well insulated. Yes, in this jacket the zipper fastens very high and closes the neck, but there is no additional insulation in this area. As for me, in frosty weather this is a significant minus ”;
  • “Advertisers love to call her“ smart jacket ”. But there is no “smart” there. Yes, it is heated. There is one button that switches to three temperature modes. What does it have to do with a piece of “smart”, I do not understand. Heated there only back and neck. I don’t know, maybe in the frost there will be norms, but it would be good to also throw a warmth in the chest area. ”


“Of course, even despite the lack of a power source, the price for such a thing is very adequate,” the reviewer considered. According to him, he paid exactly 549 yuan – the cost established on the crowdfunding platform.


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