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Red Dead Redemption 2 is the best generation game for PS4 and Xbox One rated Metacritic

Tomorrow will be the release of the western Red Dead Redemption 2 for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gaming consoles. The developers of Rockstar lifted the embargo on the publication of reviews – and rushed. The critics seemed to be let go of the chain, and they redeemed RDR2 in love and adoration, making it the highest rated game for the Xbox One and one of the best for the PlayStation 4.

At the moment, the rating of critics on the PS4 is 97 points. This assessment allowed the game to catch up with Grand Theft Auto V, released five years ago. On the gaming platform from Microsoft, the score is one more, and in the overall rating, RDR2 is the undisputed leader there.

Rating the best games for PS4 looks so far
And so while the rating of games for Xbox One looks

Reviewers are laudable in praise: Rockstar have surpassed themselves, and a huge open world is no less than a technological triumph that every gamer should experience. The story is called just as the best ever written for video games.

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