Published declassified photos of the Soviet tank of the future “Object 490”

Resource  published declassified photos of “Object 490” – “Perspective tank of the 21st century.” By car it was supposed to place the power plant of two engines with a total capacity of up to 2000 liters. with., write “News”. According to the designer’s design, the tank had to move on four tracks, which allowed it to maintain mobility after the detonation of a mine.

It was proposed to equip the tank with an uninhabited turret with a 152-millimeter cannon, which could be used as an air-feed tube during the transition of water spaces. The automatic loader of the gun was designed for 32 rounds, and the roof of the object on which the 30-mm automatic grenade launcher and two 7.62-mm machine guns were mounted could withstand the means of destruction with a penetrability of up to 600 mm.

Experts believe that such a machine would hardly have entered service with the army because of its high cost and difficult operation.

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