NASA lunar all-terrain vehicle prototype sold at auction due to the mess in the storage system of space artifacts

NASA ‘s internal audit firm concluded that the agency unreliablely takes into account and stores artifacts associated with the conquest of space by mankind over the past 60 years. Due to incomplete protocols and rules, the agency has already lost a significant number of historical sites, including lunar dust and a prototype of a lunar rover.

The latter was accidentally discovered in a residential area in the state of Alabama. The owner of the house was ready to hand it over to NASA, but within four months the issue was not resolved, and the man sold the prototype to the scrap metal collection point. Its owner refused to sell the artifact to the agency and sold it through an auction. It happened the year before last.

As for the moon dust, the container with it, as well as three hand-held controllers were sold at auction by NASA staff after he was instructed to throw them away.

As noted in the report, recommendations for improving work with artifacts were prepared for the NASA management. The agency agreed with the part.

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