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Moscow FM made a story about the preparation of Space X engineers for Soviet textbooks. This is the news of the satirical edition.

Believed journalists even called the Rector of MIPT for a comment.

On October 26, the radio station “Moscow FM”, which is located in the same holding with the TV channel “Moscow 24”, released in social networks a story about Tesla engineers who are allegedly being prepared using Soviet textbooks. However, this news is taken from the satirical agency “Panorama”, Ilon Musk never said that.

The story “Moscow FM” does not provide a source of information. In addition, the journalists of the radio station took a comment from the rector of MIPT Nikolai Kudryavtsev. He said: “In principle, this is correct. We often have a bad habit of pouring ashes on our heads, and our education is actually quite good and has deep roots. ” Kudryavtsev did not seem to suspect that the original news was invented.

The only source of this information is a note from the news agency Panorama dated October 19. All of his news is “satire and fiction,” which is indicated in the warning section of the site.

Russian media have repeatedly come across the news of the news agency Panorama, which is often compared to the English-language satirical news site The Onion. But in the case of “Moscow FM”, the journalists also prepared the story, and also took a comment on the fictional topic from the speaker. The founders of the agency do not give out real names and disappear under the pseudonyms Boris Gontermacher and Vitaly Mann.

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