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In Russia, built ultra-long submarine drone

Russia has begun the construction of a super-long-range sea drone for the Northern Sea Route, RIA Novosti reports . “By 2020, the creation of three demonstrators is planned, after which the first sea trials in the Black Sea will take place on the Sevastopol-Sochi route and back, ” said a representative of the Advanced Research Foundation.

According to him, the drone will not have a nuclear engine, but an anaerobic power plant. “For the years 2022-2023, the Northern Sea Route is planned to pass – 10 thousand kilometers under the ice, ” said Igor Denisov , head of the department of physical-technical research of the Advanced Research Foundation (FPI).

Denisov noted that a non-nuclear engine would be cheaper, more economical, more environmentally friendly and more profitable than a nuclear one.

The drone was named “Sarma”, a layout with a payload in the version of the seismic surveyor has already been created. The passage of the Northern Sea Route is planned for 2022-2023 – 10 thousand kilometers under the ice.

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