In Disneyland, the dust of the people is really dispelled. Constantly

In the States there was a kind of urban legend, according to which in the Disneyland, visitors regularly try to dispel the ashes of their dead relatives. And there is no smoke without fire. The Wall Street Journal found out that the legend has a foundation. And this is not a couple of incidents. People scatter the ashes of their relatives in an amusement park monthly.

Local staff even have a special code phrase that is masked by another incident – HEPA cleanup. According to the WSJ, the detection and collection of human remains is the secret part of working in “the happiest place on earth.”

Former and current employees said that human dust was scattered over flower beds, flower beds and bushes, outside the park gates and during fireworks, at the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. But more often the relatives of the dead choose the Haunted Mansion as the last refuge. They believe that in this way the dead will become ghosts and will live forever in Disneyland.

“There’s probably so much human dust in the Haunted Mansion that it’s not even funny, ” quotes the publication of an anonymous employee.

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