In Belarus, no one has come to the start of sales of new iPhones

No queues and excitement.

In Belarus, sales of iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max started – a month after the new Apple smartphones appeared in Russia. As told reporters the local Agency for the start of sales in several stores in Minsk, none of the buyers did not come.

The journalists visited four Belarusian stores: velcom, two i-Store and CafeConnect. In the first half-hour-hour after opening no one came to them, and the sellers told that they were waiting for people on pre-orders in the afternoon and by the end of the working day. The publication noted that the excitement around iPhones in Belarus was weaker than in Russia, but in the past there were small lines at the opening .

Belarusian prices for new iPhones are higher than in many countries. The iPhone Xs costs 3499 rubles – 1660 dollars, and the iPhone Xs Max – 3799 rubles or 1803 dollars. In Russia, when converting to American currency, the cost is 1345 and 1483 dollars, respectively.

On September 28, sales of new iPhones started in Russia: in Moscow, the queue lined up in a few days, but the first buyer arrived 2.5 hours before the start of sales. Those who occupied the place in advance tried to sell it, but almost none of this happened.

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