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Google found a dead zone with an experimental military base

Motherboard journalists found an area on Google maps, the images of which were not updated from 2008 to 2016, although usually for satellite images the update period is 30-60 days. The area is located about 110 kilometers from the “Zone 51”, here is located the test site Tonopah Test Range.

Journalists spent $ 1.9 thousand on the purchase of a satellite image from 2013 from the Apollo company in order to obtain exclusive rights to it and resell the photo for $ 1 search corporation. However, later it turned out that they do not own the picture, they transferred it to “leasing”, and the Motherboard has no right to sell it.

Google, in turn, refused to disclose information about the reasons why the photo of the Tonopah Test Range is not updated. At the same time, images of other similar polygons are updated regularly. It is noted that after the requests of journalists in Google maps appeared a snapshot from 2017, and then even more fresh. Questions about what makes keep secrets about the area, remained unanswered.

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