FSB speaks against OneWeb high-speed satellite Internet

The Russian Federal Security Service opposed the deployment of the OneWeb satellite communications project over the country’s territory , Reuters reports . The ministry believes that the project is a threat to the national security of Russia and can be used for intelligence purposes.

It is noted that in 2015, the company entered into a contract with Roscosmos structures for launching satellites using Soyuz launch vehicles. Now, OneWeb plans to lower its stake in the joint venture created in 2017 with the Roscosmos structure to deploy a network in Russia below control.

In addition, the FSB fears that OneWeb will become a monopolist in providing Internet access in remote regions of Russia, said FSB spokesman Vladimir Sadovnikov. This will lead to unprofitability of the activities of Russian telecom operators.

According to Sadovnikov, “the only effective way to counter the threats arising from the deployment of foreign global satellite communications systems to provide broadband Internet access, especially in the Arctic and the Far North, is to limit their use in the Russian Federation and develop competitive domestic communications systems with similar functional.

Possible partners of Russia in the creation of such a domestic satellite communications system can be India, China and some other countries.

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