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Elon Musk asked on Twitter to send him memes. And basically got a joke to myself

With peace of mind you can fill him up with pictures “How do you like it, Ilon Musk” – he asked for it himself.

It seems that last month Elon Musk revised his approach to Twitter: in October he confessed his love of anime, then jokingly announced plans to develop the game Half-Life 3, then “bought and removed” Fortnite.

On October 26, the head of Tesla and SpaceX switched to memes: first, he posted a picture about Pikachu and horoscopes, and then called on subscribers to share memes with him.

“Horoscope: perhaps you are breathing now. Musk: How do they know ?! ”

“Send me your memes!”
In an hour, Musk received more than 20 thousand replays for a tweet – and the most popular options concerned either the entrepreneur himself or his companies.

“Promotions Tesla / Ilon Musk / Marijuana”

“” Work at Tesla does not lead to stress “, – Harold, 25 years”

“All other Twitter accounts / Elon Musk account”

“Ilon Musk bought 15 countries of the former USSR and restored the Union”

“Girl:“ Why I can’t find a guy like in this photo “/ Musk:“ Hey ”/ Girl:“ No ”/ Musk

“Ilon Musk – aliens”

“Ilon Musk / Make” World of the Wild West “in real life / Stupid electric cars and rockets”
“Teacher:“ What are you laughing at! ”/ I:“ Nothing like that ”/ Also I:“ Ilon Musket ””

“The anime girl with glasses is beautiful”
At the same time, Musk received several pictures from users from Russia and Ukraine.

“If your son asks why he should study, show him this photo. If your daughter asks why she should study, show this photo to her too ”(in the photo Grimes and Ilon Musk in the news about the fact that they started dating)

“How are you, Ilon Musk”

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