Digital, but with an analog soul: a Leica M10-D camera with Wi-Fi instead of a screen for $ 7,995 is presented

Leica seems to be taking steps from the digital world to the world of film photography aesthetics. The new Leica M10-D camera gives the most “film” experience of using a digital camera. She has no digital display, instead there is a switch wheel and an exposure compensation dial.

Live View, photo viewing and camera settings are available through the concise Leica FOTOS application. It works with all Leica cameras via Wi-Fi.

The application can save images in JPEG and RAW, and also allows you to edit them in other RAW-supported applications on your smartphone, for example in Lightroom.


On the top of the case there is a “hot shoe” where you can install a flash or an electronic viewfinder worth $ 575; shutter speed and ISO sensitivity.

Near the shutter button there is a stylized film transfer lever, which actually acts as an ergonomic thumb rest, relevant when taking pictures with hands.

The rest of the camera is identical to the Leica M10: a 24-megapixel full-CMOS sensor, a Leica Maestro II processor, an optical viewfinder with a magnification of 0.73x, ISO 100-50000, continuous shooting 5 frames / c, and a weatherproof metal case. There are 2 GB of internal memory and a slot for SD-cards.

“Chimping” (the habit of looking at each frame after shooting) with the Leica M10-D is basically impossible.

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