Bloomberg: Samsung has not yet decided on the final clamshell design

At the disposal of the publication Bloomberg was a lot of information about the immediate plans of Samsung. Judging by them, the Koreans still do not have a final opinion about the folding model codenamed Winner.

Now Samsung has two prototypes: one is extended horizontally, the other vertically. Which one will eventually be launched into the series is unclear. It is reported that the flexible screen will not have a built-in fingerprint scanner – an innovation will be reserved for the Galaxy S10. Clamshell will weigh decently – more than 200 grams. It is possible that in order to reduce the weight of Samsung will have to reduce the battery capacity.

Samsung is also working with Google on a special version of Android for a foldable smartphone.

By the way, according to Bloomberg, Samsung strongly doubts the need for a 3.5 mm Galaxy S10 connector. Apple and several other manufacturers have already abandoned the headphone jack, but the South Korean company is still holding up.

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