At the bottom of the Black Sea, they found a ship that lay there for 2400 years.

The oldest intact ship on the planet was found in the depths of the Black Sea by archaeologists from the organization The Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project. Based on carbon analysis data, they claim that the 23-meter ancient Greek merchant ship lay at the bottom for at least 2400 years, but it was perfectly preserved.

This conservation, according to scientists, contributed to the fact that at a depth below 200 meters in the Black Sea there is practically no oxygen. He was discovered in the area of ​​a well-known ship graveyard, where the remains of more than 60 boards of various eras have already been found.

The ship lies at a depth of more than 2 km 80 km from the coast of Bulgaria on its right side, its mast, rudders and benches for the rowers are not damaged. Previously, maritime historians could observe such a ship only on an antique vase exhibited in the British Museum. However, they could not be sure how accurately the artist conveyed the appearance of the ship.

Probably, the ship got into a strong storm, and its crew simply did not have time to bail out the incoming water. Archaeologists suggest that the ship was 15-25 people. Their remains can be hidden in the sediment or eaten by bacteria. Raise the ship itself to the surface do not plan, since it will fly into a pretty penny.

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