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At 4chan make absurd fake bombs in response to rumors that Obama and Clintons sent dummies

Everything that comes to hand is used: from old equipment and animals to the contents of the refrigerator and films with Nicolas Cage.

October 24 in the US, unknown persons sent by mail packages with explosive devices. The parcels were sent to Barack Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, billionaire John Soros, governor of New York, to Robert De Niro’s restaurant and CNN’s editorial staff. All of them are either Democrats or famous critics of Donald Trump.

None of the devices exploded, they are studied in the laboratory of the FBI. CNN employee Jean Acosta showed what the package sent looked like: a photo shows a tube, a timer, postage stamps with the US flag and a cartoon on the handle of the Islamic State flag. Reuters, citing its own sources, reported that the offender made bombs on instructions from the Internet.

At a press conference in New York, police said they believed the devices were real, but did not specify why none of them worked. At the same time, some experts simultaneously suggested that Trump was sent to the Democrats and critics of Trump.

  • At the request of The New York Times, the images of the bombs were studied by experts. According to them, the devices are more like those that are shown in the movie, and not a real threat. One of the main reasons for such reasoning is the timer on the handle, usually real manufacturers of bombs do not fix them;
  • Former government expert on bombs Anthony May noted that the battery pack in the package would not be enough to explode;
  • NBC sources involved in the investigation also stated that at least a few packages could not explode. However, they do not know if the dummies were made intentionally or the sender made a mistake.

Because of this, conservative bloggers and the media began to develop the theory that someone specifically decided to discredit Republicans before the mid-term elections in the United States — they are scheduled for November 6. According to the unconfirmed version, the Democrats themselves could send packages to their supporters in order to strengthen their positions in the election campaign. Publications like CNN , The New York Times and CBS called such assumptions invented by conspiracy therapists.

4chan users have responded to discussions on the realistic bombs with a flash mob. An autist’s Cookbook was brought up on the imageboard (referring to the Anarchist ‘s Cookbook ): in this thread, deliberately absurd versions of explosives made of improvised means were published. In the course went everything: food, phones, watches. animals, clothes and movies with Nicolas Cage.

In just a few days, 4chan users gathered hundreds of options. In one place you can see them here .

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