Apple fixes “beautygate” in iOS 12.1

The output of almost every generation of the iPhone was accompanied by some kind of problem: now with the connection disarray in the iPhone 4, then the dusting peels off in the iPhone 5, then in the iPhone X some displays were with green stripes. The release of new smartphones with the designation Xs also ran into trouble – users noticed that the selfie-camera seemed to smooth out the flaws of the skin. Now Apple promises to fix it.

As it became known to The Verge, Apple is aware of the features of the camera and plans to change the algorithm of work in iOS 12.1. The problem was the incorrect selection of excerpts: iPhone exhibited more time than necessary, because of what the picture turned out like a blurry. The situation is aggravated by the lack of optical stabilization in the front camera of Apple smartphones.

The essence of the claims to the Cupertins was the following: self-images come out more blurry, and the clarity of the face turns out to be worse compared to the photos on other smartphones. In some cases, people looked “more beautiful”, and the situation was called “beautygate” by analogy with antennagate (a problem in the iPhone 4 with a loss of cellular signal).

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