Again the best in the world? Full iPhone Xr Review

They waited! On sale finally appeared, perhaps, the most expected of the recently presented trinity “iPhones”. Why the most anticipated? Probably because the iPhone Xr , at first glance, is not much different from the Xs and Xs Max, but costs significantly less. We have thoroughly tested the novelty to figure out whether to prepare money for it or you can wait another year.


  • More colors (about design)
  • Not like everything (about the display)
  • The fastest (about power)
  • Autonomy and charging
  • In the camera!
  • Results

More colors

Silver, black or gold? The Xr model offers a lot more colorful colors, including red, bright blue, yellow and carrot orange (coral by Apple classification). The classic black and white versions are also present, but they are so worn out that, we hope, it is the “erka” that will be able to add color to the sometimes gray days.


We have been tested on a black (although in bright light rather dark gray) version of Xr, strict and boring. Subjectively, the coral colors are the nicest, as well as blue. The white color is also beautiful, but, again, boring. Red, which is closer to burgundy, and yellow, in our opinion, for an amateur. The panels themselves look great in all cases, the colors are saturated with seven layers of paint. But in the same color and painted frame phone, and even the rim of the camera. In our opinion, it is the shades of the frame in the case of yellow and red turned out so-so.

In the box is a standard set, nothing new

The considered smartphone managed to incorporate the brand features of both the “eight” and “dozens”. About the first reminds some stocky and broad framework. From the ancestor also got a frame made of aviation aluminum, while the more expensive counterparts, it is made of steel. Brilliant smooth steel looks cooler – you can’t argue with that. But also rough aluminum has its advantage – it is more resistant to the appearance of small scratches.

The back panel is completely glass. However, it is easy to distinguish Xr from Xs and Xs Max both in color and in the presence of one camera eye instead of two. Which option is prettier? A matter of personal preference. The Xs device looks stricter and more solid, but the color Xr is more fervent and younger. This does not apply to black, which is too “simple”.

All three new products look alike – it is clear that we are talking about one family. There are no changes and innovations in the placement of hardware controls. Is that the slot for nanoSIM moved slightly lower. Apple’s gold standard year after year migrates from smartphone to smartphone. The Xr model is not going to make a revolution in this sense, so all the buttons and the lever are in place.

In terms of dimensions, the device in question lies just between the Xs and Xs Max. It would seem that everything is correct, because the display size here is average. And yet it seems to us that if not so bulky indents from the screen on the sides, the width of the novelty could be smaller. Because of them, the width of the Xr is very close to the “max”, and this is uncomfortable for the palm. In addition, the device is a little thicker than fellow.

Another difference is IP67 protection, while the other two models have IP68. In practice, this means that the former is protected from water when immersed to a depth of one meter, and Xs and Xs Max are protected by two. It seems to be a significant difference, but after all, very few people choose the phone according to this parameter.

The Xr is a typical Apple smartphone. If it were not for Xs and Xs Max, he could well have passed for the flagship. But, apparently, a set of bright colors designed to emphasize the light frivolity and greater availability of the device, evoking memories of the iPhone 5c .

The Xr and Xs are similar. In fact, they differ only in frame material and size. I would like to see Xs in brighter colors, and Xr – with smaller frames around the screen. Such is the dualism.

Not like everyone else

What really distinguishes the novelty from its counterparts is the display. And the essence is not so much in the diagonal, as in technology.

The matrices installed in the Xs and Xs Max are called Super Retina by the Cupertinians themselves. The Xr also puts something called Liquid Retina. In fact, in the first case we are talking about OLED, in the second – about IPS. This means that the image on the senior representatives of the line looks a bit richer and more contrast.

In fact, you can notice the difference only by directly comparing two smartphones. OLED has traditionally worked better with deep black, and that’s all. In general, there is no need to complain about the Xr display: at least according to dry technical specifications, it does not reach the modern standards of the flagships, the image is perceived very coolly.

Yes, the resolution of the matrix is ​​only 1792 × 828 pixels, which, with a diagonal of 6.1 inches, gives a density of 326 pixels per inch. For comparison, in Xs / Xs Max, this figure reaches 458 ppi, while in top Android devices it goes far beyond 500 ppi.

In theory, the higher the pixel density, the more solid and “paper” the image appears. However, the physiological peculiarity of human vision is such that after a certain ppi indicator, our eye is not able to distinguish individual pixels. This indicator is considered 300 ppi – provided that you look at the screen from a distance of at least 30 cm.

That is why the first Retina-display in the iPhone 4 had a resolution of 326 ppi (the same, we repeat, with the current Xr). If desired, from a distance of 10-15 cm hints on pixelation can still be considered. It’s good that they don’t look at phones like that.

You do not notice the lack of image density, until, knowing about the higher rates of your older colleagues, you do not begin to look for flaws close by. In this case, when directly compared with the Xs, there is a feeling that something is wrong with the Xr screen.

The owners of last year’s “dozen” say that, looking at the matrix of the new product, they feel discomfort. Approaching eyes and complaining about pixelation. However, when directly comparing X and Xr, they suddenly recognize that in the second case the image is noticeably better – brighter, without an admixture of green on white and as if without veil. The desire to look out for pixels disappears in five minutes.

If you go to the display without the Pinkerton manners, it leaves only positive impressions. Excellent color rendition, still extremely high brightness with impeccable adaptive backlighting and True Tone – all this is there.

But what is not, is the technology of 3D Touch. Her place was taken by Haptic Touch – in fact, the usual long press with a vibration feedback as a confirmation. So the touch screen Xr does not recognize. On the one hand, sorry. On the other hand, 3D Touch was not very popular among owners of iPhones. Do not be surprised if, over time, it disappears altogether in new models.

The fastest

Apple did not repeat the mistake it made with the “budget” iPhone 5c . This time the Xr got exactly the same processor as the Xs for a pair of Xs Max. In the A12 Bionic 7-nanometer process technology, we recall six cores (two powerful and four energy efficient) and support for machine learning technology.

Even cooler is the 4-core graphics chip, which Apple assures is 50% more productive than its predecessor. In general, we face one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, mobile chip, which can handle advanced games and augmented reality.

Due to the lower resolution of the display and, as a result, the reduced load on the processor, in benchmarks Xr should show even better results than its older “colleagues in the shop.” The popular application AnTuTu we crashed at the very end of the test, so we’ll add a screenshot of the results later when the update is released. However, it is clear that the owners of the new smartphone will not face a lack of productivity for a long time.

The only difference from the Xs and Xs Max is the smaller amount of RAM. For Xr it is 3 GB instead of 4 GB. It is still difficult to judge how it will affect the operation of the device, but during the testing we did not have to face any problems caused by a lack of RAM. Although compared to Android smartphones, many of which are now equipped with 6 GB of RAM, the specifications of “iPhones” look modest.

Autonomy and charging

The device supports the technology of fast and wireless charging. As usual, the purchase of appropriate accessories will have separately.

We had a wireless “pancake”, which is sold on the Apple site. On it, Xr charges at about 8% speed in 10 minutes. Full charge will take more than two hours. We also tested the ultra-fast cube, but from the Android camp. From it, the device charges at normal speed, so you need a special accessory.

The autonomy of the smartphone is at the standard daily level. The battery holds slightly better than that of the Xs, but this will not affect the frequency of charging, you still need to be ready to leave the phone plugged into an outlet for the night.

Face ID and sound

We wrote about iOS 12 in detail in a separate article , but here we’ll tell you about our impressions of sound and unlocking in the face.

They say that Face ID is slightly improved and done as in Xs. For your recognition is still responsible unit from the infrared camera, infrared emitter and projector points. Thanks to machine learning, the system recognizes the face even with a hat on the head, glasses on the nose and a beard. The last could not be verified yet, but with glasses and darkness the technology copes with a bang.

It works quickly, almost instantly. Compared with the top test Huawei Mate 20 Pro . The reaction speed is about the same, including in complete darkness, but the Android flagship will recognize you even if you bring the phone very close to your face, whereas the iPhone in such cases passes.

And it is also very unusual that after the triggering of Face ID you still have to drag your finger across the screen to unlock it. Most of the current top-end Android-devices can immediately turn on the display without unnecessary touches.

As for the sound – just “wow”! We have not heard such a loud, crystal clear and bass sound from external stereo speakers for a long time. The novelty will easily replace any inexpensive portable speaker.

In the headphones, too, everything is fine. In other words, the iPhone can still be considered one of the best smartphones, including for picky music lovers.

In the camera!

The second after the display, the main difference between Xr and Xs is the camera. She is alone here, without assistance in the form of a 12-megapixel telephoto lens. Thus, we have to deal with a single 12-megapixel wide-angle sensor with a f / 1.8 aperture.

What have we lost technically? The Xr does not have a double optical zoom and, in portrait mode, the main camera shoots without an approximation, for which the telephoto lens is responsible for the Xs. But the optical stabilization is in place, and artificial intelligence helps with the bokeh effect.

How does the sensor alone manifest itself in this multi-chamber world? As a sparring partner, we took one of the best camera phones of our time – the Huawei Mate 20 Pro , for which we ask about as much as for Xr. We will also compare the pictures of the “erki” with the pictures taken last year’s “ten”.

IPhone XR IPhone x Mate 20 Pro

It seems that all the juice was squeezed out of the camera, and something amazing came out – the novelty shoots better than its predecessor in almost all cases. In photos with clouds and fruits, X shows a lack of dynamic range, whereas in Xr white doesn’t fade so much. In macro mode, Mate 20 Pro, of course, does not leave any chances to competitors. At the same time, a street shot is closest to reality at Erki.

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