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3.24 million broadband subscribers and 11.58 million cellular subscribers counted in Belarus

The number of subscribers of broadband landline access to the Internet in Belarus amounted to 3.24 million, according to the website of the Ministry of Communications. The number of IPTV subscribers increased by 156.6 thousand and amounted to 1.93 million. Since the beginning of the year, the number of subscribers connected to the IMS platform has increased by 314.5 thousand, it has reached 2.81 million, GPON subscribers have 2.06 million .

The capacity of the external channel for Internet access, according to preliminary data, amounted to 1,410 Gbit / s.

The total number of cellular mobile telecommunication subscribers is 11.58 million. During the period from January to September 2018, the total number of subscribers increased by 166.7 thousand. The population coverage of cellular mobile telecommunications services of LTE standard for the first 9 months of the year is 75.6%. This technology is actively used by more than 2 million residents of the republic.

According to the forecast indicators of foreign economic activity, the export of telecommunications services increased compared to the same period in 2017 by 12.7% and is expected to reach $ 200 million. For the first 9 months of 2018, the positive balance of foreign trade in telecommunications services amounted to $ 97.1 million.

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