“Yandex” showed a platform for cars with their services

Analogue of CarPlay from Apple and Android Auto from Google.

Continued : first-hand video on how Yandex.Auto works .

According to Yandex, seven out of ten drivers in Moscow drive with remote navigation — when the smartphone is in the holder and the navigator application is running on it. However, while receiving a call, navigation is at least briefly suspended and you can skip the desired turn, the smartphone may slip, the driver is distracted, list the disadvantages of this approach to the company: automotive direction “Yandex”.

In Yandex, they launched the Yandex.Auto platform built into the car and controlled by voice. On its main panel there are buttons for quick access to sections, interactive widgets and other switches. During driving, they can change: for example, during the passage of a dangerous section the corresponding road sign will appear on the screen, and after the passage it will disappear.

Yandex.Auto interface while driving

The screen in Yandex.Avto is divided into sections. Before the start of the journey, the service will show the time on the way to work and may, for example, launch an album from the Yandex.Music library in a separate section. Requests entered by voice are converted to text and displayed on the screen. All services are integrated with each other and use machine learning algorithms, so Yandex.Avto can know when the user will go to work, and when – to the supermarket.

It is assumed that access to the Internet will occur through the modem built into the car, but connecting such a connection requires additional actions from the user and in Yandex understands that this is an inconvenience and it raises the threshold for technology to enter the market. Alternatively, there they offer to distribute Internet to a multimedia device from a smartphone, but they are going to try to negotiate with telecom operators that it is possible to activate an additional service in the subscriber’s personal account: “Use my traffic in a car” On the other hand, Yandex.Navigator will soon be able to create routes online, when the user has problems with the network.

Yandex.Avto supports not only integration into Android, but also into onboard computers based on Linux. On the multimedia screen you can bring the service through the lace – according to company representatives, this is done in collaboration with Bosch. However, ordinary car owners will not be able to use the system independently yet – at the current stage, the company relies on direct cooperation with manufacturers, but they are going to maintain manual installation of the system in cars later.

Can I download the app now and install it in the radio? Not. Will Yandex support this in the future? Yes.

Andrey Vasilevsky
Head of the automotive direction of Yandex

They plan to pre-install the system into cars at the production stage and give car companies the opportunity to stylize the Yandex.Auto interface under the company’s design elements. In the autumn of 2017, the first cars with an embedded system will appear in Toyota, and in the “powered by Bosch” format – in Jaguar, in this case, both smartphones on iOS and Android will do. In order to operate Yandex.Avto, only the Yandex.Navigator application installed on a smartphone will be required in this case, but the automaker will have to update the firmware of its multimedia system – it is called InControl Apps by Jaguar Land Rover.

According to company representatives, they already have cooperation agreements with Honda, Ford, Lada, KamAZ, Renault, Nissan, Kia, Hyundai and other brands. Vasilevsky explained that work on such projects takes place through contracts, but did not specify how much the built-in solution will cost the automaker and, accordingly, how this price will be included in the price of the car: more expensive car compared to other similar solutions. ” Yandex partners are going to release how many pieces of cars with the built-in Yandex.Avto at the first stage of the service, the company does not disclose, but they believe that the service will become mass in the future.

Updated : A representative of the Russian division of Toyota explained to that since July 2016, the company began selling Camry cars in Russia in the Exclusive package, and since August – Rav4. In total, about 20 thousand units were sold during the year, of which about 40% in this configuration have a built-in Yandex.Navigator. As part of this configuration, in the autumn of 2017, Navigator will be replaced with Yandex.Auto.

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