Yandex.Drive announced the launch in St. Petersburg and opened the registration of drivers

At the start in December, the fleet will be the same size as it was in Moscow.

In December 2018, the car sharing service Yandex.Drive will work in St. Petersburg, the Trusher publication reported . At Yandex, confirmed this information and told about the details of the launch.

750 new cars will appear in the St. Petersburg Yandex.Drive fleet: Kia Rio (sedan), Kia Rio X-Line (cross-hatchback) and Renault Kaptur (crossover). For comparison: at first there were as many cars in Moscow, whereas now there are more than 4,500 daily on the line.

As in Moscow, in St. Petersburg there will be dynamic tariffs that are calculated depending on demand and the traffic situation. “In the morning, for example, renting will be cheaper – this compensates for a long time on the road,” – gave an example in Yandex.

The company noted that the cost of a minute trip will start from five rubles. The tariffs include the cost of gasoline, car insurance (Casco and CTP) and the health of the driver and passengers. Drivers do not need to refill their cars, because the algorithms collect information about cars and, if necessary, send them mobile tankers.

Yandex.Drive has opened a pre-registration of users from St. Petersburg, which occurs via chat bot in an application on iOS or Android . He says that in order to drive cars, carsharing need to be over 21 years old and have at least two years of experience in driving cars (category of rights is “B”).

St. Petersburg is one of the most promising cities in Russia for the development of car sharing. Residents show great interest in it, and we want to give them more opportunities – for example, to make people so that they can find a free car anywhere in the city.

Therefore, the “Drive” goes to the city with a large fleet of new cars, the design of which, by the way, is designed specifically for Peter.

Anton Ryazanov
Head of Yandex.Drive.
The concept of design machines “Yandex.Drayva” for St. Petersburg
In Moscow, Yandex.Drive has been operating since February. According to the company’s own data, in the seven months of the service’s operation, drivers made more than four million trips.
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