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What could be better than memes? Three-dimensional memes

Facebook rethinks old jokes with another dimension

In October 2018, Facebook allowed owners of the latest iPhone models to publish 3D photos. Images taken in the portrait mode of the smartphone, save the data on the depth of the image, so the technology gives them a “three-dimensional”. Later, users of the social network found that on Facebook technology has been used for several months – not for ordinary photos, but for memes.

This is not the first attempt to give jokes another dimension. In the fall of 2017, the Mug Life application gained fame, which allows you to create a 3D model from a photo and animate it. The next wave of “three-dimensional memes” came in early 2018, when the function of 3D posts on Facebook began to test brands.

Then the Dimemetional community appeared . Its creator named Sean on his page on Patreon said that his goal is to “be a pioneer of the revolution of memes” and translate jokes into 3D. He began to publish his first works in the spring of 2018, starting with classics like memes “This is Fine” and “ Loss ”.

3D memes can be twisted in embedded records.

For six months, Sean reworked the usual memes into three-dimensional memes, and on October 23 he was noticed on Reddit – a post with a 3D version of “ Unfaithful Guy” collected almost 100 thousand pluses on the “Internet homepage”. In the r / MemeEconomy section, we encouraged to invest in a “new generation of memes”.

In August, the Dimemetional community published a guide on the “Shitpost 3D Memes”. Following them, several other publics appeared with three-dimensional memes. One of them – 4d3d3d3 Engaged – even posted a small disclaimer.

Memes evolve. Whenever a new plank is set, memes take up the challenge and come to the rescue, providing the necessary rest about reality. Now memes are leaking into the third dimension. For too long, they were “flat.” We made forays into the world of memes, and now memes are coming into our world.

4d3d3d3 Engaged

Usually, 3D memes in such communities are just three-dimensional familiar pictures that you can twist if you want. Some users leave references or second meanings on the reverse side. Because of this, subscribers are satisfied with the game in the comments – they turn memes and look for a “Loss” in each of them.


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